Why is My Boiler Leaking Water from Underneath in Henderson, NV? Is it Safe to Use? How Do I Stop the Leak?

A boiler is an important part of a home. A boiler ensures the home stays warm and comfortable throughout the cold winter. Like any other appliance, a boiler will develop problems and need repairs. One of the common problems that develop in boilers are leaks. A simple leak may not seem like a big deal. However, leaks can be a sign of some major issues. Hal Mechanical will share what causes leaks to occur in boilers and what needs to be done to repair your boiler.

Can High Pressure on Boiler Cause a Leak?

Most standard boilers require a steady pressure of 18 through 21 PSI. Some leaks are caused when the boiler pressure rises above 21 PSI. Often the pressure valve on the boiler are designed to release pressure by leaking some of the water from the tank. If the pressure becomes too high it can cause an explosion. In some respects, the leaks are normal. However, a faulty pressure, which is caused by sediment, can prevent the valve from closing. This will increase the pressure in the boiler. To see if the leak is due to faulty pressure caused by sediment, you will first want to turn off the boiler. Allow the boiler to cool down and lift the manual pressure relief lever. This will release water from the boiler. Use a bucket to collect the water. Make sure to close the lever after a few seconds and then inspect the water for sediment. If no water comes out from the tank, this often means the valve is clogged with sediment. If the boiler has high pressure which is causing the leaks, you will need to have the boiler flushed out and treated to remove all of the sediments.

Faulty Boiler Temperature Valve

Another cause for leaks may be when there is a problem with the boiler’s temperature valve. When a boiler gets too hot, the temperature probe may need to be replaced. The temperature probe is responsible for maintaining the boiler temperature. If the temperature gets too hot, it causes the joint to expand which will lead to leaks. If the boiler temperature probe isn’t working it will need to be replaced.

Corrosion in Boiler Piping & Valves

Over time and due to the constant exposure to water, it is common for the pipes and valves throughout the boiler to begin to corrode. Corrosion will cause the pipe and valve to weaken and eventually lead to leaks. When pipes and valves corrode the only thing you can do is have them replaced. If you neglect or disregard the leaking it will get worse over time and potentially lead to flooding and major water damage in the home.

Improperly Installed Boiler Pipe Fitting or Seals

The pipe fittings and the seal around the boiler are other weak points that can develop problems or even be installed improperly. Seals can also become corroded or loosen. Basically the pipe’s fitting and seals may need to be replaced. Luckily, the seals and fittings isn’t a major component and can be replaced quickly and at lower cost.

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