Should I Be Worried if My House Smells like Gas in Inspirada, NV? Do I Need Furnace Repair?

It’s normal to smell something a little off when you fire up your heating system for the first time of the season. However, after a few minutes, you shouldn’t smell much more than your normal home. One thing that you certainly shouldn’t be smelling is natural gas. In case you don’t know what that smells like, imagine rotten eggs or sulfur and you have hit the nail on the head. Anytime you smell natural gas in your home, it is an emergency that needs to be dealt with right away. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about natural gas and what you need to do if you smell it in your house.

Common Causes of a Natural Gas Smell

When you can smell natural gas in your home, there is a reason for it. Here are a couple of problems with your furnace that can lead to natural gas leaks in your home.
– Cracked Heat Exchanger: A crack in your heat exchanger is something that nobody wants to have. The heat exchanger gets rid of the combustion gases that are produced by your furnace by venting them to the outdoors. When your heat exchanger is cracked, those gases, including carbon monoxide, can leak into your home.
– Leak in Pipeline: Your furnace has a natural gas pipeline that gives it the fuel needed to operate. Sometimes, a leak can develop in the pipeline over time as the pipeline ages. It can also be caused by an improper installation of the pipeline in the first place. Either way, it is a dangerous situation.
– Delayed Burner Ignition: The ignition system on your furnace can develop problems that lead to a delay in igniting the natural gas being fed into your unit. When this happens, some natural gas can escape into your home and cause that smell to happen.

What Should You Do if You Smell Gas in Your Home?

It is important that all homeowners know what to do should they start to smell gas in their home. Here are the steps you should follow for the safety of everyone in the home.
– Turn off your heating system immediately.
– Next, you will want to get out of the home. Not only is natural gas dangerous, but the carbon monoxide that is surely present is also dangerous.
– Call on emergency professionals right away. This is a dangerous and emergent situation that needs to be handled by emergency professionals to ensure everyone is safe. They will let you know when it is safe to go back into the home.
– Schedule furnace repairs right away.

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