Sheet Metal Fabrication

Located in Las Vegas, Hal Mechanical is a provider of a full range of sheet metal fabrication services. Most of our commercial jobs require some sheet metal fabrication and by doing the process ourselves, we can save our clients money. Our amazing team is highly experienced and performs some of the most complex precision sheet metal fabrication jobs. No sheet metal job is too hard. We start our process by precisely cutting the raw material into the required shape and finish with the final assembly and installation. Hal Mechanical method of design, prototype and process engineering ensure the development of high quality, cost effective sheet metal products.

Sheet metal fabrication is a complex multistep process. Sheet metal fabrication comprises of cutting and burning the sheet metal. Then specialty, such as band saws, are used to cut the sheet metal. The hard blades of band saws allow for feeding the sheet metal to guarantee even cutting. Additionally, Chops saws are also used in a fashion like miter saws, yet they possess an abrasive disk specifically made for cutting sheet metal. Cutting torches also allow for effortless cutting of the metal. Once cut, the sheet metal fabrication is bent into predetermined angles by the use of hydraulic breaks. If curves or rounded sections are needed, then a rolling machine is used.

Once formed, the sheet metal parts are assembled and welded into place. Various welding techniques are used to avoid warping or other defects. The technique of weld used depends on the type of connection needed. The fabrication process is finished by sand blasting, priming, and painting if necessary and specified.

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