Why is My AC Giving Off a Bad Smell in Summerlin, NV? Mildew in Air Conditioning System & More

When you turn on your AC to find that something rotten is coming from your vents, getting to the bottom of the cause is your top priority. There are several reasons you may be smelling something awful coming from your vents. Some HVAC odors are not a big deal and easy to fix. However, there are some that could require professional help right away because they can be dangerous. Hal Mechanical is here to share some of the reasons you may be experiencing foul odors coming from your vents.

Mildew in AC System

If you smell something musty coming from your vents, it is more than likely a drainage issue. As your system works to remove any humidity found in the air in your home, that water has to drain out. If there is a clogged drain, the moisture builds up and can cause mold and mildew to start growing. As soon as that clog is fixed and the filter is changed, you will be free from the smell.

Rotten Eggs AC Smell

This is another common odor that can come from your vents. If you smell rotten eggs when your AC kicks on, you could be dealing with a dangerous natural gas leak. If this is the case, you need to call emergency professionals immediately to inspect your home and ensure you are safe.

Air Vents Smell Like Garbage

There are sometimes small birds and rodents that can accidentally get trapped in the vents in your home. When they die in your vents and decay starts setting in, it can lead to a garbage smell when your air turns on. Working to remove the animal carcass can solve the problem and your AC will be back to normal.

AC Smells Like It’s Burning

You should never smell anything burning when your AC turns on to cool your home. If this is the case, it is especially important that you turn off your system right away. This is a sign that there is an electrical issue that could lead to an electrical fire. This can incredibly dangerous and should be addressed by a professional immediately.

AC Smell Like Poop & Sewage

Sometimes, when you experience a serious sewer leak, some of the raw sewage can make its way into your ductwork. Methane is a highly flammable gas and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to turn your system off if you smell anything until the sewer leak is fixed to avoid possible danger.

AC Smell Like Cigarette Smoke

If there was a smoker that lived in the home before you did, or if someone was recently smoking in your house, you could smell lingering cigarette odors when your air kicks on. This is nothing a cleaning can’t fix.

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If you are struggling with foul AC odors, you can rely on the crew at Hal Mechanical to get rid of them for you. We will ensure your system is working as it should and your air smells fresh. Call us today!

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