Symptoms of a Pitted, Stuck or Bad Contactor in Spring Valley, NV; AC Fails to Start Up, Warm Home & More

There are a number of problems that can occur in an air conditioning system. They are often broken down into two major categories, there are mechanical problems and electrical problems. An air conditioning system uses both mechanical components and electrical systems to create a smooth and efficient cooling system. Today Hal Mechanical would like to put the focus on the air conditioning system’s electrical system and mainly the contactors. The contactors can develop a couple of different problems. One is a pitted contactor.

What is a Contactor in an AC Unit?

An air conditioner’s contactors is an electrical relay device that controls the flow of electricity throughout the cooling system. The contactor will send a voltage to the condenser and to the outdoor fan. The contractors are triggered when the thermostat detects a rise in temperature within the home. The thermostat will send a voltage of power to the contactor which will trigger the start of the cooling cycle. Inside a contactor are the terminals. The contactor’s lower terminal runs through the compressor motor and is then sent to the other contractor’s upper terminal. When the thermostat triggers either a cooling or heating cycle, a magnetic action forces a connection from the contactors volt side. The contactor on the compressor or fan motor side is known as the load side. The magnetic action opens and closes, controlling the electrical currents to the designated component. When the thermostat stops calling for action, the contactors will remain open which will cut off the flow of power to all of the components.

What is a Pitted Contactor

A pitted contactor describes a certain type of problem that can occur with a contactor. Pitting is when a deterioration has occurred to the contractor metal casing. When the contactor has been exposed to voltage and heat for long periods of time, pitting will occur. The pitting process will eventually cause the surface inside the contactors to have inadequate contact and transfer of the electricity won’t occur. This will render the contactor useless. When you have a pitted contactor, basically you will need to replace the contactors.

What Causes Pitting on a Contactor?

A pitted contactor can affect the air conditioner in a few different ways. When you have a pitted contactor one of its effects is the air conditioner will simply fail to start up. You may notice the thermostat clicking the air conditioner on but it will never start up. If you do not notice your air conditioner failing to startup, you will certainly notice your home getting very warm. Another effect of a pitted contactor is a diminished electrical current. The contactor my supply some power but not enough to keep the air conditioner running. The air conditioner may start up but fail to complete a cycle. Often the air conditioner will fail when the refrigerant enters the compressor and the compressor switches off when it attempts to convert the liquid refrigerant into a gas. It takes a lot of energy for a compressor to change the refrigerant from a liquid into a gas which then cools the air.

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If you notice your air conditioner isn’t starting up or maintaining enough energy you may have a pitted contactor. For quality HVAC inspection, repairs and more, contact Hal Mechanical Services today.

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