How Do I Stop My Air Conditioner from Running All the Time & Avoid AC Problems in Silverado Ranch, NV?

Is your air conditioner running for long periods of time or seem to be constantly running? This is a problem as an air conditioner should never run non-stop. When an air conditioner is constantly running, there can be many causes. Some causes can be easily corrected without the need for an HVAC service while other problems will require a professional. Hal Mechanical will share what the homeowner can do to restore their air conditioner, and when to call a professional HVAC service.

How Do I Troubleshoot the AC in My House? Air Flow & Thermostat

For an air conditioner that is running constantly, the owner may discover it is due to an air flow restriction problem. Most air flow restrictions can be corrected by the homeowner. First, check your air filters. If the air filters are clogged, then this is probably your air flow restriction problem. Simply change out the air filters and the air conditioner should return to normal. The next sight of a possible air flow restriction is a closed or blocked air vent. Make sure all air vents are open and not obstructed. Never close your air vents, even if you do not use a room in the home. For those with a double unit system, check the condenser outside. If the condenser coil is dirty or debris or vegetation has overgrown your condenser unit, this is another source of air flow restriction. The homeowner is safe to clear out the debris but save cleaning the condenser to the professionals. If the air flow is not a problem then check your thermostat. If the thermostat has been set to the “run” or “on” position instead of “auto” this is why the air conditioner is constantly running. When it is set to run or on, depending on the thermostat setting, you are forcing the fan to run constantly. Make sure that you never leave your thermostat set to the on or run setting and keep it on auto.

Call Professionals to Repair, Replace & Service Air Conditioner

There may still be an air flow problem that only a professional should deal with. The condenser coil and evaporator coils can become dirty which will cause longer if not constant cooling cycles. The coils should be clean by a professional as they are easily damaged. If they get damaged, you will need to replace the coils. Another reason why an air conditioner may run constantly is if there is a refrigerant leak. If there is a refrigerant leak the air will never cool inside the home and the thermostat will keep the air conditioner running. You will need a professional to locate the leak. A professional can repair the leak. They are also the only one licensed to recharge an air conditioner’s refrigerant. Did you recently replace your air conditioner unit? If so, did you get the right size? Either an undersized or oversized air conditioner unit will cause frequent and even extended cooling cycles. It is important that you have the right sized unit installed in your home or you may have many problems, including frequent, extended, if not constant cooling cycles.

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When you find you have done all you can and yet your air conditioner is still running constantly, contact Hal Mechanical. We will help determine the problem and provide solutions. For quality HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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