Common AC Problems in Sunrise Manor, NV; Noisy or Bad Smell from Air Conditioner, High Bills & More

If you ignore the signs of an air conditioner problem, they are not going to go away. Especially in the searing heat under the hot Las Vegas sun, ignoring AC problems can only make them worse, in fact. Before the problems become worse, it is critical you call a licensed technician for assistance. Today, we at Hal Mechanical would like to share the top problems of your air conditioner you should not ignore. Because they can lead to costly repairs or even a complete breakdown and the need to replace your unit altogether, the most prominent air conditioning problems you shouldn’t ignore are listed below.

is a Noisy Air Conditioner Dangerous?

Designed to run without creating a lot of noise are modern air conditioners. It is a sign that there is a major problem with the unit if your air conditioner is making sounds that you know you shouldn’t hear from it, you can expect to hear a low humming voice at most. Any of the following sounds needs to be addressed by a professional.
– Squealing
– Screeching
– Rattling
– Hissing
– Grinding
– Clanging
– Banging
It is time to turn off the air conditioner and call an expert to examine what’s causing the noise and fix it before your unit breaks down if you hear any of these sounds.

Increasing Electricity Costs

Keeping a close eye on your energy bills is a smart idea. You should have to pay more than you need to, your air conditioner uses a lot of electricity to keep your home cool and comfortable. It is reasonable for the bill to be higher than in winter since you may be using your air conditioner more during the summer. Compare the electricity bill for the same month as the previous year for more accurate data. It is a sign that your AC is inefficient and requires major repairs if the bill is significantly higher.

Ice Buildup in AC

You might see ice develop on the unit from time to time if you use a heat pump at home. To clear the issue this isn’t a normal pattern as heat pumps have defrosting modes. There is no reason for ice to develop on your system unless there is something wrong with it if you use a regular central air conditioner. Due to several possible problems, it could be developing ice. Before the ice can do too much damage, we recommend turning off the air conditioner and calling a professional to determine the source and repair it.

Why Does My AC Smell Bad?

It should never give off any strange smells as your air conditioner should distribute cool air throughout the house. As it could be a sign of a major problem that will only get worse if you ignore it if the air coming from your air conditioner is cool but comes with a foul-smelling odor. The problem with your air conditioner could be severe, depending on the type of smell it’s emitting.

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