Why is AC Maintenance Important in Aliante, NV; Reduce Wear, Prevent Air Conditioner Repairs & More

There are many skeptics that believe air conditioning maintenance doesn’t really do much and doesn’t prevent repairs. However, the truth is that regular maintenance can prevent up to 85% of most repairs. Most repairs are due to neglect and could have been avoided with the proper care. For those skeptics, Hal Mechanical will share how maintenance does reduce repairs and why you should maintain your air conditioning system.

Reduces Wear & Tear on AC Unit

When you schedule a routine maintenance or also referred to as “tune-ups,” the entire air conditioning system is inspected, cleaned, and all moving components are lubricated. An air conditioner should be tuned-up in the spring to help better prepare the cooling system for summer. During a tune-up the entire cooling system is inspected, ensuring that all of the components are healthy, there are no electrical problems and to make sure the air conditioner runs as smoothly as possible. By neglecting the air conditioner’s needed maintenance, small problems will only become bigger, until you finally need to repair or replace major components or prematurely replace the air conditioner. To avoid expensive repair or expensive air conditioner replacement, you should always make sure to have your air conditioner tuned-up every spring.

Increase Efficiency of Air Conditioning System

When having the air conditioner tuned-up, you not only prevent repairs but improve the air conditioner’s efficiency. When the air conditioner is cleaned and lubed, the cooling system’s components move smoother and more effectively. Additionally, by cleaning and lubricating the air conditioner, it reduces stress which only promotes a healthy well-functioning cooling system. The air conditioner will cool the home more efficiently which only improves your monthly power bill.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

The air conditioner when it is tuned-up is also cleaned. Cleaning the air conditioner unit involves blowing or sucking out dust, cleaning the coils, removing any debris and cleaning out the drainage system. When removing the dust, debris and cleaning the coils, this not only helps improve the air conditioner’s energy efficiency, but it improves the indoor air quality as well. By removing the dust inside the air conditioning system, you remove the amount of dust that may get blown into your home’s air. You will have cleaner air in your home, which greatly benefits those with allergies or other respiratory problems.

Avoid AC Damage & Repairs

When you have your air conditioner properly maintained, you can catch problems before the severe heat kicks in. In Southern Nevada we have very hot summers, going without air conditioning can be life threatening to some. However, needless to say, no one wants to be without air conditioning in the middle of the summer. When the air conditioner is tuned-up, the technician inspects each component, ensuring they are in working condition. Often they can find a component that will need to be replaced soon and will not make it through the summer. The homeowner will have the time to have the component replaced and avoid any unexpected failures during the middle of the summer. To make sure you have a reliable cooling system this summer do not neglect your air conditioner’s maintenance.

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If you haven’t had your air conditioner tuned-up yet, now is the time. For quality air conditioner maintenance, repairs and more contact Hal Mechanical today.

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