Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced in Anthem, NV; Age, Making Loud Noises & More

Often when your air conditioner begins to wear down or develop problems, it will give you some kind of sign. When you regularly tune-up and maintain your air conditioner it can last for years. However, neglect often leads to premature repairs or total replacement. It is better to have the air conditioner looked at when minor signs emerge. Hal Mechanical will share how to monitor your air conditioner and what signs indicate your air conditioner needs to be seen by an HVAC professional.

Age of Air Conditioner

As your air conditioner ages it will develop problems through use alone. Like a car or a power tool, they will run down eventually. An air conditioner can last between 15 to 25 years with proper care as well as the quality of the unit. If your air conditioner is already on the older side, make sure to have it tuned up every six months: once in the spring and once in the fall. This will ensure it is operating efficiently. Minor problems can be repaired before they become a bigger problem. At some point you will need to weigh out the cost of ongoing repairs versus replacing the air conditioning unit. Not only will you save yourself the cost on ongoing repairs but you may benefit from a modern unit with better efficiency if you choose to replace the unit. However, if you have an older unit make sure to be on top of the repairs to prevent quicker wear of the unit.

Air Conditioner Making Loud Noise

Air conditioners don’t make clanking, buzzing or hissing noises without reason. When your air filter whistles, that too is a sign you air filters need to be changed. Noises can indicate a problem with the air conditioner. Clanking or banging noises indicates there is a loose component that can cause major damages. A buzzing or humming noise often points to electrical problems, while hissing or bubbling noises are a sign of an air leak or refrigerant leak. When your air conditioner develops continuous noises, or noises that come and go but don’t seem right, make sure to turn off your unit and contact an HVAC repair service.

Abnormally High Electric Bill

Some signs manifest themselves in your bills. When there is a problem with the air conditioner the entire cooling system suffers. As a result often you will see a spike in your power bill. When a component fails or wears down, the air conditioning system will need to work longer and harder to cool down the home. As a result it will need more and more power and it will reflect on your power bill. When your power bill is higher than normal and you’re not quite sure what the problem is, have an HVAC technician come and inspect your air conditioning system.

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You can prevent most air conditioner failures with routine maintenance and having your HVAC system tuned-up in the spring and fall. This helps avoid any major problems during the intense seasons. With regular maintenance the HVAC technician often finds what component is wearing down and prepares you for future repairs. When you need quality HVAC service and more, contact Hal Mechanical and schedule our services today!

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