Do New AC Units Cool Better in Desert Shores, NV? Is it Worth it to Replace Old Central Air Conditioner?

When the AC goes out the question will come up, do we really need to get a new one? What are the benefits of getting a new one versus just getting your AC fixed again? Yes, getting a new one can be more money than you want to pay, but there are so many more benefits of having a new AC unit in your home. Hal Mechanical will help you understand why it is more beneficial to get a new one.

Most Reliable AC

Just like many new things if it is new, it is more reliable. A new unit is less likely to shut down, break down, or need repairs. This is because it is new and it has less wear and tear on the parts. This also means you won’t be calling to get your AC unit fixed all the time and in return, you will be saving time and money.

Improved Energy Efficiency

When you have an older AC unit the AC has to work extra hard to run properly. If you have a new AC unit it will be more efficient and run so much smoother. Because it is running smoother and more efficient the unit doesn’t have to work as hard to run and cool down your house. And because it is more efficient it will also help the AC unit last longer without a breakdown.

Reduced AC Bill

When you have an old AC that doesn’t work properly, it can end up increasing your energy bill. This happens because your AC is overworking to make your house cool. When you get a new AC unit it can reduce your energy bill because it runs smoother and doesn’t have to work so hard to do the job it is supposed to be doing.

Increased Home Value

Everyone likes more money, especially if you are trying to sell your home. You want to get as much for your home as you can. Did you know that depending on the location of your home and the comparable prices of other homes in your area, your home could be valued at a 10% higher rate with an upgraded HVAC system? That is such an awesome thing to have to happen to your home value when you are trying to sell your home.

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So, let’s go back to the original question. If your AC keeps breaking down, is it really worth getting a new HVAC? The overall answer is yes. It will save you money, increase the value of your home, and it will limit the number of problems you are having with your AC unit, ensuring your house will always stay cool in the summer. If you have more questions about your AC unit, Hal Mechanical can help you with any questions you might have and help you get a new AC system in your home. Call us today!

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