Signs Your Central Air Conditioner Needs Repair in Henderson, NV; Leaking Water, Not Cooling House & More

Here in Southern Nevada, air conditioning systems are essential, especially during such intense hot summers. When an air conditioner unit breaks down, the home can get very hot and cause dehydration and even heat strokes. Repairing or replacing an air conditioner unit can take days. Air conditioners will often give some signs or warning that it is about to fail. To avoid being in the situation of an unexpected air conditioner failure, Hal Mechanical will share some common signs that your air conditioner is about to fail.

Air Conditioner Leaking Water

One sign that your air conditioner may be on its last leg is when it begins to leak either inside or outside your home. Air conditioners will develop condensation, which will leak out of the condensate drains. However, if the leaks are more excessive and not coming from the drain, this can be a sign of a major problem. If the air conditioner begins to leak, often the problem can be corrected before it becomes worse or lead to total failure. Have an HVAC technician inspect your air conditioner and determine the cause of the leak and what repairs might be needed.

Air Conditioning System Not Cooling House

When the air conditioner is running but doesn’t seem to be cooling the home down as effectively as before, it could be due to an aging system. As an air conditioner begins to age, its components will wear down and simply loose its effectiveness. Certain components can be replaced, to help extend the life of the air conditioner. However, once the air conditioner begins to lose its normal performance, it could be getting to the end of its life. At times it is better to stay in control and have the air conditioner replaced before it fails.

Air Conditioner Making Loud Noise

Odd noise coming from your air conditioner is never a good sign. Certain noises may indicate the need of some rather basic repairs. However, loud banging or rattling noises often point to a bigger problem. At times, homeowners may continue to run their air conditioner despite the odd noises. When an air conditioner develops noise, you should get it looked at right away to prevent complete failure of the air conditioning system.

Home Air Conditioner Smells Bad

Having an air conditioner produce bad odors isn’t normal either. Certain odors can point to a problem occurring inside the unit. Musty odors often point to mold or mildew which is being caused by moisture. If moisture is present inside the air conditioner, this can be a very bad sign. A burning odor is much worse. Burning can be the fan belt burning up or the motor is overheating. Without the fan belt or motor you will have no air conditioning. When you detect odor that is coming out of the air vents or from your air conditioner, contact a professional to inspect and determine the cause. If the air conditioner has a burning smell, turn it off right away and inspect for a potential fire.

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If your air conditioner is giving you any of these warning signs that it is about to fail, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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