Preventing Commercial Refrigerator Repair for Power Loss, Ice Build Up, Bad Air Flow, Leaks & More in Inspirada, NV

There are many different commercial settings that depend on refrigeration of some kind. Some common commercial refrigeration machines are refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, walk-in freezers, refrigerators, soft serve machines and frozen beverage machines. Each requires proper maintenance to ensure reliability and longevity of the expensive refrigeration system. Hal Mechanical would like to share some of the common refrigeration repairs as well as some tips on how to avoid unexpected damages.

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Maintenance is essential in extending the life of commercial refrigeration systems as well as their reliability. When a commercial kitchen loses its refrigeration equipment, it can cause profit loss. One of the key tactics for preventing refrigerant failure is with proper maintenance. Following are some of the common refrigeration repairs that can be prevented and often just with proper maintenance.

Power Loss of Refrigerator

One of the more common refrigerant problems is power loss and it is one of the easier ones to repair. When power loss occurs, it is more often than not, caused by a tripped circuit breaker. Before investing in a repair service, make sure to check the circuit breaker of the refrigerator or refrigerant system first. However, more complex problems can occur resulting in power loss.

Ice Build Up in Walk in Freezer

When walk-in freezers look more like an ice cave, this is a major problem. Common in almost any type of freezer, ice accumulation can mean there is a problem occurring during the defrost cycle. However, in most cases, ice accumulation is the result of a clogged drain. When water cannot drain during the defrost cycle, it will build up. Ice buildup causes a freezer to work extra hard when attempting to transfer heat outside. This can lead to additional problems with the freezer. To prevent ice accumulation it is important during maintenance to have the drainage system and the evaporator coils cleaned every time.

Leaking Refrigerator Shell or Cabinet

A leaky shell is a hidden parasite which drains the business of money. A leaky shell can cause the refrigerator to work harder, leading to higher power bills. A leaky shell can also lead to moisture building up inside the refrigerator or freezer, which in turn, can also cause ice accumulation. The answer to preventing a leaky shell is again proper maintenance. Proper maintenance can prevent the shell from developing cracks and leaks.

Bad Refrigerator Airflow

Bad airflow problems are often due to a blocked condenser. Often debris can block or enclose around the refrigerator. When debris accumulates around the refrigerator, the debris can clog the condenser. During maintenance, the refrigeration system’s surroundings is often cleaned to prevent poor airflow and the additional problems it can cause.

Refrigerator Runs Continuously

When the motor of a refrigerator or freezer continually runs, this points to a cooling problem. The motor of a refrigerator or freezer should shut off at some point, typically once the temperature setting is reached. There are a number of reasons why a freezer or refrigerator won’t hold its temperature. Professional maintenance can help prevent temperature retention problems. However, if left unchecked, it can cause premature wear, expensive repairs, and an increased power bill.

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