Often, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration are considered a different name for the same process. There is a major difference between refrigeration and air conditioning, which is the point of supply for the gases. Refrigeration systems have gas installed in a series of tubes, whereas, air conditioning systems use chemicals built into the unit in conjunction with air from the room(s) being cooled. As the air from the room circulates through the unit, the air is cooled and redistributes the air by projecting it away from the unit. Refrigeration units have circulation systems designed to retain coolant in a confined space. The cool liquids and gases are circulated through tubes and vents via compressor that recycles the air. This process is opposite the natural flow of heat in thermodynamics. In refrigeration heat is removed from lower temperature area and moved to higher temperature area.

Hal Mechanical recognizes the importance of keeping your commercial equipment in good working condition, especially your refrigeration system. Refrigeration issues cost money by the minute. If you have a refrigeration issue call us immediately. We are the refrigeration experts in Las Vegas. We repair & service all types of commercial refrigeration equipment.

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Do not waste valuable time. Call Hal Mechanical at the first sign of malfunction or for an evaluation to issue your equipment is in proper working order.

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