Is a Refrigerant Leak Dangerous in Green Valley Ranch, NV? Central Air Conditioner Needing Early Replacement & More

When the air conditioner has a refrigerant leak it can be bad news. The refrigerant is an essential part of the entire cooling system that provides cool air and more. When the refrigerant is low, it can have a number of consequences resulting in premature repairs and a financial drain. Hal Mechanical will share the dangers of low refrigerant due to a leak, the signs of a refrigerant leak, and when to seek professional HVAC services.

Premature Wear on Central Air Conditioner Unit

When there is a refrigerant leak from your air conditioner it is never good. When the air conditioner is low on refrigerant the cooling system fails to create the cool air. When the air inside the home doesn’t cool down and reach the thermostat settings, the air conditioner will continually run. Long running periods can lead to premature wear of many of the air conditioner’s essential components. Most often the fan and compressor motor will overheat or break down. When both the fan and compressor breaks down, they often require replacement that can easily cost hundreds of dollars alone. For the overall health of the air conditioning system it is important to seek a professional HVAC service to inspect the air conditioner and repair the leak. Additionally, only a licensed HVAC technician can refill refrigerant for air conditioners.

How to Check for Refrigerant Leak in Home AC

One of the first early signs that your refrigerant is low or leaking is a higher power bill. When the air isn’t cooling down inside the home, the air conditioner will run with little rest between cycles. As a result, your power bill will be higher than normal. Another sign which can be hard to notice for a roof top air conditioner unit is a hissing noise. However, you may be able to hear the hissing noise coming from a nearby air vent. The hissing noise is the refrigerant leaking. As many know, the refrigerant is a gas which will make a hissing noise. If you are hearing a hissing noise then your refrigerant is leaking out. When there is low or no refrigerant, the air conditioner unit will begin have certain operational problems. One problem is warm air blowing through the vents instead of cool air. The air conditioner will also run for longer periods of time. Sometimes, if the air conditioner unit is running too long, it will overheat and cause the breakers to trip. Another more physical sign is the evaporator coil will begin to ice up. If ice builds up, eventually, the ice will melt resulting in leaking from the air conditioner. If water is leaking it could be normal condensation or a sign that the refrigerant is leaking. If you have any signs of a leak you should turn off your air conditioner right away and seek professional HVAC services. They will be able to inspect the air conditioner and locate the source of the leak. Most leaks can be repaired or a component may need to be replaced. Leaks can occur in different areas of the air conditioner.

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