How Do I Know if My AC Blower is Bad in Lone Mountain Village, NV? Weak Air Flow, Odd A/C Noises & More

The blower is the part of the air conditioning system that blows the cool air through the air ducts and into each room of the home. The blower and it motor works hard all summer long pushing the cool air throughout the home. It comes to little surprise that the blower and or its motor can wear out and need to be replaced during the life time of the HVAC system. Hal Mechanical will share some of the common signs that your blower and the motor needs to be replaced.

Weak Air Flow

When the home feels warmer than normal, it is always a good idea to place your hand over the air vents. If the air is cool but coming through the vent very weakly, this points to a problem with the blower. As the blower ages and begins to wear down, it will not move the air as strongly as it usually would have. If you notice cool, but weak air flow coming from the air duct vents, your blower need attention. In some cases, the problem might be able to be repaired. However, in most cases the blower and or its motor needs to be replaced.

No Air Flow

If you cannot feel any air coming from the vents, then the blower is not working at all. A number of problems may have occurred. There may be a stuck relay or the capacitor needs to be replaced. If the blower motor isn’t receiving power, it will not work. However, if the motor is receiving power but the motor is dead, it will need to be replaced. To ensure the problem is properly troubleshooted, have the blower checked by a licensed HVAC technician.

Odd AC Noises

When the blower comes on and begins to circulate the cool air throughout the home, you should not hear any loud or odd noises. If there is a loud banging, rattling or screeching noise, this is not a good sign. In some cases, the banging or rattling is a loose screw or bolt. However, if a larger piece of the motor has broken off there is little that can be done to repair the blower or its motor. An HVAC technician will need to look at the blower and see if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Overheating Blower Motor

The blower’s motor can overheat when it becomes covered with dirt or grime. The motor has a vent that allows the heat to escape the motor. If the vent are covered the motor will overheat. If the motor’s vents are never cleaned, this will lead to overheating and eventually the death of the motor. If the motor has overheated and broken down, the motor will need to be replaced.

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To prolong the life of the blower and its motor, make sure to have the air conditioner cleaned and tuned-up in the spring or at least once year. With proper maintenance you can prevent the blower from failing. If you need you blower checked, replaced or other HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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