Can Air Conditioning Make Your Throat Sore in Summerlin North, NV? Dry Air, Needing a AC Tune-Up & More

Have you been experiencing sore throats and not sure why? It may sound funny but your AC might be giving you a sore throat. There are many reasons why this could be the case. Hal Mechanical wants to help you know what some of these reasons are and what you can do to help improve the air quality in your home. This will also help to reduce the likelihood of getting a sore throat as a result of poor air quality caused by the AC.

Sore Throat from Dry Air

When you have your AC running it is pulling out the humidity from the air, pushing the hot air outside, and recycling back in the cold air. It is great your house stays cool for you. But the downside is that dryness that it can bring can lead to a sore throat. Not only dry air, but if you have dirty air or allergies in your house this can also be a factor in why you are having a sore throat. You may also be experiencing sinusitis, itchy eyes and skin, and nosebleeds from the dryness in the air.

AC Not Installed Properly

If your system wasn’t installed correctly then it may not be running as it should. This can cause areas to become trapped and mold and bacteria can start to grow. When you have mold and bacteria growth it can get in the air and blow in your house. This can cause sore throats and other respiratory problems. If you think this could be the problem call a professional to make sure it is installed correctly and always have a professional install it.

AC Tune-Ups are Important

You should be having a professional come to your home at least once a year for a regular maintenance check. If you have pets, a lot of wear and tear on your AC, or live in a dusty area, then you may need it more than once a year. When you get a regular tune-up, this can help keep your AC running its best and help eliminate you from having any sore throats because of the AC. Please also remember to change your air filters. This will help keep your AC running smooth.

Keep Air Vents Open

You don’t want to close your vents. If they are closed you need to open them. Closed vents can also lead to mold and bacteria because the air gets trapped. With all your vents open this can help keep the air running smooth and properly and as long as that is happening then your throat and sinuses should not be irritated.

Open Windows on Cold Days

When the air starts to cool down, open the windows and get fresh air. Indoor air is not as good as the outside air. It does not have as good of a balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen. This will also help with your sore throat. You should remember to change and clean your air filters this will help a lot especially if you have pets and a lot of dust in your area.

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If you are constantly having a sore throat or other symptoms you may want to consider that it could be because of your AC. A professional like Hal Mechanical can come and take a look at it to make sure everything is running smooth and correct. Call us today!

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