AC Tips for Dog & Cat Pet Owners in Aliante, NV; Change Air Filters Often, Fence in A/C Unit & More

Being a pet owner does not mean you are okay with your house being dirty and full of pet air. You still want a clean house and clean air blowing through your AC. How do you get both? Hal Mechanical wants to give you a few tips as a pet owner to help keep your AC air free of pet hair.

Brush Pets Often

This is a pretty easy and an enjoyable one as a pet owner. When you brush your pets regularly this can help control the hair from flying through the air and getting into your AC. The brush will collect the hair or it goes on the ground and you can collect it and throw it away. The best thing you can do is brush them outside so then you don’t have to worry about the hair and it can just blow away.

Clean or Change Air Filters

With pets in the home, your air filters can become dirty faster than someone who has a pet free or at least a fur-free home. This is because of the pet hair and dander that will go right into your air filters making them get dirty faster. If you have pets that shed hair then you need to change your filters more often. It’s usually recommended every three months but if you have pets, you should shorten it to every two months to ensure that your air filters are constantly clean so your AC can run smooth.

Higher Quality Air Filters Make a Difference?

Pets in the home can cause many people to have their allergies start acting up. Getting a good quality air filter can often help with those allergens. When you are looking at air filters, they are measured by MERV rating (Minimum Efficiency Report Value) so the lower the MERV rating the less it will filter, and the higher the MERV the better it is at filtration. Most homes have 5-8 MERV but if you want to help reduce the allergens then get one that is 10-12 MERV. These are better at trapping smaller particles like dust and pet hair so they don’t blow through your house making your allergies act up.

Should I Fence in My AC Unit?

Something you may not know, but your outdoor unit does not like pets very much. If your pet is around the condenser (outdoor unit), rubbing on it or peeing on it, this can cause problems with the AC. The condenser is a big suction unit and will pull in any pet hair that it can find. Then cycle it through and bring it indoors. If you have noticed that your pet is peeing on it you need to put an end to that. Urine is very acidic and if your pet is peeing on your condenser then the fins can be etched away because of the acid. The best solution to this problem is to put a fence around the condenser. This will help stop at least the dogs from getting to it.

Vacuum Carpets

When you have pets, you need to vacuum your house regularly. The indoor unit is also a suction and will suck up pet hair and dander. So, if you were vacuuming your floors regularly and trying to clean up the pet hair as much as possible then it will limit the amount of pet hair that gets up into your filters and in your AC.

Annual HVAC Maintenance

When you have pets in your house your AC has to work a little harder to work correctly and keep blowing clean air. You need to get your HVAC maintenance checked yearly. Twice a year is definitely preferred so that you know your AC system is running the best it can be while you still have your wonderful pets at home.

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