Winter Heating Energy Saving Tips in Winchester, NV; Central Furnace Maintenance, Air Duct Inspection & More

Has your home’s heating bill been getting out of hand? Homeowners often look for ways to improve their home’s heating efficiency and to reduce their utility bills each winter. When it comes to improving heating efficiency there are a number of ways homeowners can help decrease their home heating bills. Hal Mechanical will share how to improve heating efficiency and how to lower your home utility bills.

Central Heating Maintenance

To ensure the furnace is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible, it is highly recommended to schedule an HVAC technician to come and service the home’s heating system. Both furnace and boilers require seasonal maintenance. As the heating systems vary when it comes to function and design, there are many aspects to the home heating system that requires maintenance. The heating operating systems are inspected, cleaned, lubricated. The screws and bolts are tightened to ensure quality performance. With seasonal maintenance you can ensure your heating system is working at top efficiency.

Air Duct Inspection

Furnaces, just like the air conditioning system, uses the air to circulate the heated air throughout the home. It is not unusual for air ducts to develop leaks where some of the heated air escapes through. Not surprisingly, this results in poor efficiency. During seasonal maintenance of the furnace, also have the air duct system inspected as well. However, leaks can occur throughout the year, so if you notice an increase in your home’s heating bill the air ducts should be inspected for leaks.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat is highly recommended to help improve efficiency and reduce energy waste. A programmable thermostat, especially those that connect to Wi-Fi, provides better control of the home heating and cooling system. Homeowners can program their thermostat to run during times when the household is all home and not during hours when the home stands empty. A smart thermostat is a great investment to the home and is highly recommended for those seeking more methods to reduce energy waste and decrease their monthly utility bills.

Do Ceiling Fans Really Help in the Winter?

During the cold winter months, most homeowners will turn off the ceiling fan to improve the home energy. However, that is actually a mistake. During the winter, ceiling fans should be put in reverse and left on during the winter. The fans can help distribute the heat better and more effectively. Even though ceiling fans cost energy they actually help improve heat distribution and reduces the amount of time the heating system is running. Simply put, ceiling fans help play a role in reducing your home utility bills.

Additional Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

There are other aspects of the home that may need replacing or repair. Attic insulation plays a major role in maintaining the home’s inside temperature. If the attic insulation is old or damaged it may require replacement. Doors and windows often allow the air inside the home to leak out or the outside air comes in. To help prevent leaks through doors and windows, make sure the windows shut properly and don’t require replacement or repair. Exterior doors often require weatherstripping replacement as they wear down or get damaged. Inspect the doors and windows and check them for air leaks.

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