Why is My Furnace Leaking Water Underneath & What to Do to Fix this Emergency in Canyon Gate, NV

When you discover a water leak and flow, it is recommended that you determine its source. You may be surprised to see that it is your furnace. When you discover your furnace is leaking water you may not know why or how and of course, what your can do to repair this problem. Hal Mechanical will walk you through some of the common reasons why a furnace will leak water and what you can do to fix your furnace.

Is Humidifier Attached to Furnace Leaking?

For those who have a humidifier attached to the furnace, know that a humidifier is designed to help add moisture to the air. There is a lot of benefits to adding a humidifier to your home’s heating system, but these systems also have disadvantages. The humidifiers can develop leaks and cause water to drip onto the floor. A humidifier will usually leak when there is a broken component or clog within the humidifier. If you notice water leaking from your furnace and you have a humidifier attached to your heating system, it may be the humidifier. Do not ignore the leaks and make sure to have your humidifier or furnace inspected right away.

Condensation Leak in Furnace

A furnace may leak water due to condensation. Some more modern furnace systems use two heat exchangers for better efficiency. These systems also develop condensation, which the water is designed to drain through the home plumbing system. If the water is leaking there may be a clog in the drainage system or a pipe is broken. The drainage connection may also be loose. If water is coming from the furnace, you will want to check the condensation’s drainage system for flaws.

Clogged Furnace Filter

Another reason why a furnace may leak water is when the furnace’s filter is clogged or dirty. Do not confuse the furnace’s filter with the return or intake filter that you change every few months. There is another filter that sits inside the furnace that also needs to be changed out. If the filter becomes clogged and restricts the air flow, this can cause the coils to ice up. When the furnace makes enough heat it will melt the ice and lead to leaks. You may need to replace the filter if your furnace is leaking water.

Leaking Heat Exchanger

A leaking furnace may be due to a heat exchanger problem. As the heat exchanger helps to transfer heat, this process can cause condensation. However, condensation can only develop if there is a leak within the heat exchanger. A leaking heat exchanger is not a good situation and one you will want to have corrected immediately.

What to Do when Furnace Leaks

When you discover your furnace is leaking water, you will want to turn off your heating system. Clean up the water to prevent any water damages from occurring. Next, contact an HVAC service to come and inspect the furnace and determine the source of the leak. See what needs to be done to repair your furnace. Not only will a leaking furnace lead to water damage, but the heat and fuel can develop and spread mold.

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