Why Won’t the AC Turn On in My House in Enterprise, NV? Troubleshooting A/C Unit Power Switch & More

Has your air conditioner failed to start up? When your home is becoming increasingly hotter and you need help determining why the air conditioner will not turn on, there are steps you can take before contacting a professional repair service. Some problems can be easily corrected and you can do them yourself. If you fail to start up the air conditioner with these steps, you most likely will require mechanical repairs. Hal Mechanical will walk you through the steps on how to get your air conditioner running before contacting a professional HVAC repair service.

How Do I Fix My Air Conditioner when it Won’t Turn On?

Check Thermostat Settings – If your air conditioner isn’t running your first step is to check the thermostat. Make sure the thermostat setting is set to “Auto” and on the cool setting. Next double check the temperature setting and make sure the temperature wasn’t set too high. Additionally, see if the thermostat requires new batteries. If the thermostat is in proper order, then you can move on to the next step.
Reset Tripped Breaker Panel – The air conditioner has its own circuit line and breaker. If the breaker has been tripped, then the air conditioner will not receive any power to start up. The breaker may have tripped due to an overload or even from overheating. If the breaker did trip, monitor the cooling system to determine if there is a problem that leads to the breaker tripping.
Ensure Power Switch is On – If a split central air conditioning system will not turn on, your next step is to check the power switch. Each unit has its own power switch. The outdoor unit’s power switch will be outside the house in a metal electrical box near the unit. Make sure the switch is set to on. The second unit which is indoors will also be nearby. Make sure that both switches are set to on.
Remove Any Air Flow Restrictions – Air flow restrictions can also prevent the air conditioner from running. First check your air filters in the home. If the filters are super dirty, change them out to restore proper air flow. Additionally, make sure all air vents are fully open and that they are not being obstructed. The outdoor unit, if located on the ground, can also become over encompassed with trash, debris and vegetation. Make sure the outdoor unit has plenty of space around it to allow proper air flow. You may need to clean up around the unit if it is failing to turn on.
Call Professional AC Contractors – If you went through each of these steps and your air conditioner still will not turn on, you have a bigger problem. When an air conditioner fails to start up there may be an electrical problem within the system. A contactor, capacitor, or wiring may have been damaged and require repair or replacement. A major component may have also gone out, or the evaporator coil needs to be cleaned. A professional HVAC technician will need to inspect and or run a diagnostic on your air conditioner to determine why it is not turning on and correct the problem.

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