What Causes an AC Unit to Lose Power in Green Valley Ranch, NV? Dirty A/C Coils, Low Refrigerant & More

If your air conditioner appears to be having powering issues such as starting up or running through a complete cycle, a number of things could be going wrong. You probably have some electrical problems or a mechanical problem that is causing your air conditioner to experience power failure. Hal Mechanical will break down some of the common causes for an air conditioner to develop power failure and when to seek professional repairs.

Air Conditioner Not Working after Power Outage?

If a recent thunder and lightning storm passed through the area and you lost power due to the storm your air conditioner’s breaker may have tripped. Lightning can cause a power surge to run through your home and in the air conditioner’s circuit. If your air conditioner is failing to start up, check the air conditioner’s breaker. See if the breaker needs to be reset to restore your air conditioner. If the breaker doesn’t restore your air conditioner, the unit may have been damaged during the storm and need professional repairs.

Air Conditioner Doesn’t Turn Off Automatically

Sometimes you may develop the opposite problem where the air conditioner will not turn off. To determine why the air conditioner isn’t turning off, start by checking the thermostat and ensure all of the settings are in the right place. If the thermostat is set to run, it will not turn off. Sometimes the internal sensor gets stuck and needs to be replaced. If your thermostat settings are correct then you may need internal repairs.

AC Trips Breaker Immediately and/or Frequently

If your air conditioner fails to turn on and you discover the breaker has tripped, reset the breaker. If you notice you have to keep resetting the breaker there is a major problem. Something is stressing out your cooling system which is why the breaker keeps tripping. There may be a simple solution to the problem, or you may need major component repair or replacement. An air conditioner’s breaker trips when it is stressed out, there may be an air flow restriction or a component is worn out. Here are some of the common causes for an air conditioner’s breaker to frequently trip.
• Dirty Air Filters
• Closed Air Vents
• Dirty Coils
• Low Refrigerant
• Fan or Compressor Motor Failure
• A Worn Out Capacitor
These are some of the common reasons that can cause the breaker to your air conditioner to frequently trip. Some problems have easy solutions while other problems will require the aid from a professional HVAC service.

Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important

Often an air conditioner will develop power failure problem due to poor maintenance. Most of these problems can be prevented with the proper care and with annual air conditioning tune-ups. During a routine tune-up, the air conditioner unit is cleaned, lubricated and major mechanical and electrical components are inspected and replaced if worn out.

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If you are having power failure related problems and need AC repair or still need to have your air conditioner tuned-up this season, contact Hal Mechanical and schedule our services today.

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