Why is it Important to Clean AC Coils in Las Vegas, NV? What Happens if They are Dirty?

An air conditioning system has two separate types of coils. One is the condenser coil and the second is the evaporator coil. These two types of coils are essential to the cooling process and need to be kept cleaned. Cleaning the coils is often done during a routine A/C tune-up. However, throughout the summer season, the coils can become dirty and need to be cleaned again. Hal Mechanical would like to share what the coils do to help cool your home and why the coils need to be kept cleaned and taken care of.

What is the Function of Evaporator & Condenser Coils?

Both the condenser and evaporator coils work together to help create cool air for your home. Starting at the evaporator coils, refrigerant moves through the copper tubing to the evaporator coil and connects to the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is the condenser and along the outside of the condenser is the condenser coil. The air passing through the evaporator coil are cooled with the same moisture in the air which will condense and is collected and drained. The cooled air is then sent through the air ducts and throughout the rest of the home. During the cooling process the air from inside the home is sucked through the intake vents and is sent to the outdoor unit. The condenser coil compresses the air reclaiming the refrigerant. Both coils need to be clean to properly do their job.

Does Cleaning Your AC Coils Help?

Both coils are made very similarly. They are rows of very thin metal fins. The design is essential in manipulating the air. Even though the coil can effectively cool the air, they do tend to get dirty. The tight rows of metal collects moisture and dirt which often makes a grimy layer on top of the coils. Other debris such as pet hair, grass and trash can build up along the outdoor unit. If there is barrier between the coils and the air, the air will not be cooled down properly. Often the air conditioner struggles to cool down the air and needs to run more cooling cycles. Basically, you will have poor cooling efficiency. You will consume more power and spend more money cooling your home. If the coils become dirty enough, other problems will occur such as ice building up around the air conditioner. The cooling system may fail to create cool air and leave your home hot and uncomfortable.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up & Maintenance

Both the condenser and evaporator coils are cleaned during an annual air conditioning tune-up. Having the coils cleaned ensures efficient coils can function at full capacity. However, if the coils do become dirty during the summer, you will want to have them cleaned. Often signs of dirty coils include ice on the conditioner or air handler, poor cooling, and the air conditioner may overheat and turn off. If you detect signs that your coils need to be cleaned, make sure to contact an HVAC service to have the coils properly cleaned.

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