Why Does an AC Tune Up Include in Tuscany Village, NV? Coils are Cleaned & More

If you expect the air conditioner to work well and last, an annual AC tune-up is critical. To ensure your unit is ready to go in summer, most industry leaders recommend getting it done in late winter/ early spring. Many people are not entirely sure what is done during a professional AC tune-up, however. With this in mind, we at Hal Mechanical would like to discuss the basics of an air conditioning tune-up so you know what to expect.

Thermostat Settings are Checked

The technician will check your thermostat when a heating and cooling professional performs an AC tune-up. Your air conditioner may not turn on to cool your home if your thermostat is not working properly, or if your settings are not correct. Your AC will cool your home to your desired settings after a professional will ensure your unit is functional and correctly set.

AC Unit is Assessed

Inspecting your air conditioning unit is an essential step in conducting an AC tune-up. Your technician will remove the front panel from your air conditioner look inside of the unit in order to thoroughly inspect all of the parts. As they evaluate the inside, the look for signs of wear or damage. For example, they assess hoses for any holes or cracks, wires that are frayed or worn as well as any signs of rust, corrosion, or water damage in your unit. Any wear and tear is documented and they recommend it gets fixed sooner rather than later.

Evaporator & Condenser Coils are Cleaned

A professional will clean your evaporator coils and your condenser coils after inspecting the inside of your air conditioning unit. For two reasons, this process is important.
1) When your air conditioning unit is turned on, the evaporator and condenser coils fill with coolant. The coolant, or refrigerant, ultimately t cools the air that is pulled in through your air conditioning unit. air may not cool or may not cool efficiently. Air may not cool or may not cool efficiently if the coils are dirty.
2) While also reducing the energy usage of your air conditioning unit, having your evaporator and condenser coils cleaned helps to cool the air coming into your unit.

Coolant Levels are Inspected

When performing an AC tune-up, a professional will also check the coolant levels in your air conditioning unit. Your unit will have trouble cooling air if your coolant levels are low. To help you make it through the summer, checking the coolant levels ensures your unit has enough coolant. A professional will recommend you have the coolant topped off prior to summer if the levels are low.

Condensate Drain Line is Evaluated

An inspection of the condensate drain line is also done during the tune-up. A small amount of condensation forms as your unit cools air. This is caused by hot air coming into contact with cold coolant. A condensation drain pan with a condensate drain line are part of the AC unit. This line expels the condensation water outside. It cannot carry water out of the unit if the drain line is clogged or damaged. If water cannot be drained from it, most units have sensors that cause the unit to shut off. It is important that it be inspected to ensure the line is functional.

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