What is the Function of the Evaporator & Condenser in an Air Conditioner in Paradise, NV

In our air conditioning system there are certain components that play important roles in keeping our living spaces comfortable. Two of these critical components are the evaporator and condenser coils. Many homeowners often think the condenser and evaporator coils are one in the same. However this is not the case. The condenser and evaporator coil are separate and each has their own task. Today, Hal Mechanical would like to highlight both of these coils and how they work together to keep your home cool during the long and hot summer season.

Evaporator Coils are Where the Cooling Happens

Imagine a hot summer day. As the temperature in your home rises, your air conditioner springs into action. The warm air from your home is drawn in through return vents and then blows over the cold evaporator coils housed inside your home’s indoor unit. These coils are filled with low-pressure refrigerant that absorbs the heat from the passing air. As a result, the air is cooled and then redirected back into your home, providing you with a refreshing escape from the heat outside. A very interesting transformation occurs as the refrigerant absorbs heat in the evaporator coil. It changes from a low-pressure liquid into a low-pressure gas. This gas is then directed to the compressor, setting the stage for the next vital step in the cooling cycle.

Condenser Coils Release the Heat

The counterpart to the evaporator coil is the condenser coil. Located in the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system, the condenser coil takes center stage in the second half of the cooling cycle. The refrigerant, now a hot, high-pressure gas after leaving the compressor, flows into the condenser coils. These coils perform the important task of radiating or releasing this heat outside, effectively “condensing” the refrigerant back into a cooler liquid form. A fan in the outdoor unit aids this process by dispersing the heat away from the coils. Once the refrigerant has released its heat and transformed back into a cooler liquid state, it flows back towards the indoor unit. It passes through an expansion valve, which reduces its pressure and temperature before it re-enters the evaporator coil, ready to start another cooling cycle.

Importance of Clean AC Coils

The roles of the evaporator and condenser coils in your air conditioner are distinctly different yet equally essential. The evaporator coils absorb heat from your home’s air to cool it down, while the condenser coils release that absorbed heat into the outdoor air, keeping your home cool and comfortable. Understanding these components helps appreciate the complexities of our air conditioning systems and the importance of regular maintenance to ensure they continue to function efficiently. The coils in your air conditioning system can fail if they become dirty. Part of maintaining your cooling system is ensuring the coils are cleaned. If you notice poor or no cooling performance from your air conditioner, the coils may be dirty and need cleaning.

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