Loud AC Noises? Central Air Conditioning Making Pulsating, Buzzing or Other Sound in Providence, NV

It is more important now than ever that your AC system is running efficiently to keep you cool in the heat of the summer. Just like any other appliance in your home, your AC system makes a certain amount of noise as it operates. While this noise is completely normal, you may start to notice as your system gets older, that the noises it makes start to get stranger and louder. When you start to hear strange or loud noises coming from your unit, it can be a big indication that something isn’t right. Hal Mechanical is here to share some noises that you should be aware of, as they indicate that there is a problem with your AC system.

Sounds a Struggling AC System Makes

Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate different sounds that your AC system is making. There are several sounds that can come from your unit that can clue you into a potential problem that needs your attention. The key is to understand what the sounds are and what they might mean. Following are some of the sounds that you don’t want to hear your AC making as it is working to keep your home cool.
– AC Making Buzzing Noise: There is a certain amount of buzzing that will always come from your AC system. However, when it gets louder or lasts for longer periods of time, it can be a problem. Sometimes buzzing can mean that there is simply some debris around the unit making the noise. It can also mean that there are larger problems like a refrigerant leak or a blower that is failing.
– HVAC Banging Noise: Banging is not a noise that you want to hear as this often means that there are loose or broken parts including the compressor. The blower may be off-balance which can cause the loud banging.
– AC Making Squealing Sound: Some units will squeal as they are starting up, but then should quit making the noise. Sometimes these noises are simply noises coming from the duct work. However, the outdoor fan motors and indoor blower motors may start to squeal when they are going bad.
– AC or Clanking or Loud Clunk Noise: This loud noise is usually another indication that there is a part of your unit that is loose or broken. If there is an imbalance in your unit, this problem will only get worse with time.
– Air Conditioner Making Humming Noise: Usually some humming isn’t a problem that is serious. Most units make a certain amount of humming all of the time. If the humming starts to get louder and louder, it can be a problem with your electrical system that needs to be addressed right away.

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If you have noticed that your AC is making more noise than it ever has before, it may be time to call on the professionals at Hal Mechanical to take a look. We will run diagnostics on your unit and address any issues. We will search for any problems that could be causing the strange noises and fix them accordingly. Call us today!

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