What Happens when AC Refrigerant is Low in Summerlin North, NV? House Not Getting Cool & More

An air conditioner system requires refrigerant to create the cool air that keeps our homes comfortable during the hot summer season. An air conditioner goes through an amazing process where the refrigerant recycles itself during the cooling process. This means the refrigerant should never run low or run out. However, the air conditioner can develop a leak where the refrigerant will then run out. Refrigerant leaks can happen and when it does, your air conditioner will not operate properly. It is important to identify the signs or symptoms of low refrigerant to seek repairs in a timely matter. Hal Mechanical will share some of the common signs of low refrigerant that every homeowner should watch for.

Why is My Air Conditioner Running But My House Not Getting Cool?

When the refrigerant is beginning to leak out and run low, the air conditioner may fail to cool down the home. The refrigerant is required to create the cool air in the home. When the refrigerant is leaking out, the air conditioner will fail to create the cool air. In many cases the air conditioner will run very long cycles in the attempt to cool down the home and will fail to do so. As a result, the home will remain warm and uncomfortable. Most homeowners will notice their home staying hot and seek an HVAC service.

Air Conditioning System is Blowing Warm Air?

When there is no refrigerant, the air conditioner will continue to run its cycle. At some point the air conditioner blower will push the warm air through the air ducts. When the refrigerant is gone only warm air will cycle through. You will be able to feel the warm air coming out of the air vents. Good news is the air conditioning system isn’t broken, and refrigerant leaks can be repaired simply by getting the refrigerant refilled. However, do not run your air conditioner if you feel warm air. Turn of the air conditioning system and wait for repairs to prevent additional damages to the air conditioner.

Low Refrigerant Can Cause Your Electric Bill to Increase

When there is no or low refrigerant the air conditioner will run longer cycle in attempt to cool down the home. Without the refrigerant the indoor temperature will stay up and the air conditioner will continue to try more often and longer to reach the thermostat level. As a result your electric bill will be much higher than normal. Often the bill helps to clue in the homeowner that there is a problem. If your power bill is high often, this points to a problem with the air conditioner and often it is due to low refrigerant.

Ice Build Up on Air Conditioner Lines

When you can see ice built up on the copper tube of the evaporator coils this is a common sign that there is a refrigerant leak. Ice will accumulate around the copper tube on the evaporator coil when there isn’t enough refrigerant. Low refrigerant can only be due to a leak. When there is ice on the copper tube of the evaporator coils, turn off the air conditioner and contact an HVAC service.

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These are a few classic signs of low refrigerant. Low refrigerant not only causes the home to stay hot but it can also contribute to additional damages to the HVAC system. Do not hesitate to seek repair if signs of low refrigerant emerges. For AC repair, installation, tune-ups and more contact Hal Mechanical today.

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