What Happens if Condenser Fan Doesn’t Work in Desert Shores, NV? Need to Fix Bad AC Capacitor or Other Part

The health of the condenser fan can have a major influence of the overall lifespan of the HVAC system. When the condenser’s fan suddenly stops running, this can spell trouble for the rest of your HVAC system. There can be a couple of different reasons why a condenser fan will suddenly stop running. Hal Mechanical will share the different reasons why a condenser fan will stop running and what needs to be done to repair the fan.

Signs of a Bad AC Capacitor

A condenser’s fan motor uses a capacitor to store energy which powers the fan. There can be a number of different reasons why a capacitor may fail. The capacitor can overheat, suffer from a power surge, or even age can cause it to fail. To determine the problem with the capacitor or have the capacitor replaced, contact a professional HVAC technician.

What Causes AC Contactor to Burn Out?

Another electrical component that can cause issues for the condenser fan is the contactor. A contactor is a switch that controls the voltage that runs between the compressor and the fan motor. Sometimes the contactor can get stuck or the fail switch will prevent the fan from starting.

How Do I Know if My AC Motor is Broken?

The motor that moves the fan can eventually break down which will prevent the fan from starting up. The motor is one component that takes on heavy work and it is normal for the motor to eventually need to be replaced. If this happens, the motor will need to be replaced to restore power to the fan. If you have an older model condenser the compressor’s fan may have a belt drive motor. A rubber belt is used to rotate the fan that moves the air through the compressor. The belt can either develop a loose belt, or the belt can break. The belt will need to be replaced to restore proper function of the fan.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter can cause a lot of strain on the HVAC system including the fan’s motor. When the motor begins to overheat, which will cause the fan’s motor to burn out, it triggers the breaker to the condenser to trip and thereby cut power to the condenser. The filter is a maintenance issue that the homeowner can change out themselves and it doesn’t require a professional to restore your condenser.

What Causes AC Fan to Stop Working?

The fan can be damaged which would prevent it from running at all. The fan needs to be cleaned and lubricated to prevent friction, overheating and other wear and tear. The fan will need to be replaced if it is damaged. However, when a fan breaks down often that is a sign of the condenser’s age and it may be time to replace the condenser.

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The condenser is a major component and can have an effect on the rest of the HVAC system. To prevent damage to the rest of the HVAC system and restore your condenser’s fan and compressor system, seek out professional repairs quickly. For HVAC inspections, repairs, installation and more, contact Hal Mechanical and schedule our visit today.

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