Signs of HVAC Refrigerant Leaks in Eldorado, NV; Vents Blowing Warm Air, Frozen Evaporator Coil & More

A vital component of your cooling system is refrigerant, also known as Freon. To cool your indoor air and keep your home comfortable, it is a cooling agent that changes between its gaseous and liquid forms. The less likely it will be able provide proper cooling for your home if there is less refrigerant in your system. Your cooling system is a closed-loop system meaning refrigerant is meant to circulate throughout it without decreasing and when the cooling system experiences refrigerant leaks, you need a professional to assist you immediately. If you have refrigerant leaks, it is not always easy to tell. With this in mind, and to stress the importance of refrigerant leaks, we at Hal Mechanical would like to share the signs you might have an air conditioner refrigerant leak.

Vents Blowing Warm Air

First make sure your thermostat is not on heat, if in the event you notice lukewarm air is blowing out of your air conditioner vents. When your air conditioner is not going through a cooling cycle, the fan setting allows air to blow through your vents, so make sure the next step is to make sure it is on auto and not fan. Also, your air conditioner’s performance is significantly hindered when you have a blocked air filter. You may have a refrigerant leak after you check all of this, and you still notice warm air blowing through your vents.

AC Making Hissing or Gurgling Noises

It is never a good sign when you hear any bubbling or hissing sound from the refrigerant lines behind your outdoor condenser or from your indoor air handler. These sounds are indicative of a refrigerant leak in most cases, and in any case, this requires aa professional to take action as soon as possible. simply call an HVAC technician since refrigerant is a harmful chemical so be sure not to touch the refrigerant lines in your cooling system,

High Levels of Humidity

In addition to cooling your home, air conditioners also dehumidifies it. It will also be unable to remove humidity from it when it is unable to remove heat from your home due to lack of refrigerant. Because you might have refrigerant leak, if in the event you notice humidity is higher indoors than usual, consult a professional.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

Refrigerant usually passes through your indoor evaporator coil to absorb heat from the indoor air that blows over the coil during the cooling process. There will not be enough refrigerant to absorb heating, leading to your evaporator coil freezing over should you have low levels of refrigerant in your cooling system. Get in touch with your HVAC technician, the moment you see ice collecting on your indoor coils since frozen evaporator coils are important signs of low refrigerant.

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Refrigerant is not a chemical that dissipates as it is used. It continues to cycle, as we mentioned. When the air conditioner is leaking refrigerant, you want an expert to ensure the leak is repaired and only a licensed professional can handle refrigerant in order to recharge the unit. Call Hal Mechanical today if you suspect your Las Vegas home or business’s air conditioner is experiencing signs of refrigerant leaks. In addition to repairs, we provide installations, replacements, and maintenance services.

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