What Can Cause Air Flow Problems in Your HVAC System in Mountain’s Edge, NV? Condenser Blockage & More

An important aspect to a fully efficient HVAC system is proper airflow. It also can cause other issues and lead to costly repairs if neglected as airflow problems do not only dampen the comfort levels. All indications the home is experiencing poor airflow and air flow related issues within the HVAC system include lack of air or weak air coming from the vents; cold and hot spots in the home; and other issues caused from pressure imbalance caused by gusts or drafts. We at Hal Mechanical would like to elaborate on the airflow because airflow is essential to your HVAC system.

What are the Most Common Causes of Poor Air Flow?

Air flow problems that are ignored for any length of time will cause a negative impact, which leads to a strained system that leads to compressor failure. If the compressor, which is much like a heart for the A/C, fails, a replacement unit is likely to be required. To diagnose and remedy any airflow related issues immediately, be sure to immediately call upon expert professionals. Common causes are outlined below.
Blockage in the AC Condenser Unit: It can easily become accumulated by dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris since the condenser is housed in the outdoor unit. Proper performance is obstructed when anything is stored too close. Make sure there is at least 1 foot of clearance, and 3 feet is preferable as the outdoor unit needs to be cleaned on a routine basis.
Air Filters have Been Neglected: Airflow is impeded by overburdened filters. It is vital the filters are cleaned or changed every 1-3 months as one of the top common contributors to poor airflow and other problems. If you live in dust climates, have indoor pets, and have people living in the home, they will need maintenance more often.
Vents / Register Barriers: By ensuring they are open, and nothing is impeding their progress such as furniture and clutter, you improve airflow through the registers and vents. Also, take the time to the have the surfaces cleaned periodically.
Leaking Air Ducts: Ducts can develop cracks or holes or loosen up at the connection points over time due to poor installation and other circumstances. The air that was heated or cooled is lost behind the ceiling and walls, weakening the airflow when you allow the leaks. The ducts are capable of being clogged, as the ducts that narrow, and areas that round corners clog easily. Have a professional repair any leaks to improve the airflow and they need to be cleaned periodically.
Thermostat is Faulty: A faulty thermostat, or one that is not correctly set or has a low battery, can impact the airflow.
Low Performance AC Fans: The fans designed throughout the HVAC system helps push the air along. The blower motors become sluggish from the residue buildup, dirt, and debris. The fans are cleaned during maintenance and tune-up services. You are likely due for HVAC system service maintenance and should have it scheduled immediately if you suspect the fans are causing the poor airflow.

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Low refrigerant levels, over-sized appliance units, filthy coils, and an outdated HVAC design can also contribute to poor airflow in your home or business. Costlier repairs can develop when you wait too long to rectify the airflow problem. Call Hal Mechanical and let our certified professionals find the issue and make the necessary repairs to improve the HVAC system airflow as soon as possible.

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