Bad AC Compressor Symptoms in Inspirada, NV; Vibrating Condenser, Overheating Air Conditioner & More

The heart of your central air conditioning system is the compressor. Nearly in the literal sense, as it does a similar job to the heart in a body such as pumping a vital substance through a circulatory system that allows for an exchange. It exchanges heat, moving heat from inside a home to outside it to cool down the interior in the case of the compressor. In addition to consuming the most power to run, the compressor performs an essential function for your air conditioner. To power the air conditioner, most of the electricity you use goes to the compressor’s motor. There are two major problems when the compressor fails; 1) the air conditioner won’t cool, and 2) a repair that may be too expensive to justify. This leads to having to replace the entire system. Watching for signs of a dying air compressor is helpful so you avoid an early replacement as well as getting air conditioning repair that will keep your cooling system working for several more years. Toady, we at Hal Mechanical would like to share the signs the compressor is dying. In any case these are still a cause to call for professional repairs because something is wrong, even if the compressor isn’t the problem.

Signs of AC Compressor Value

1) Outside AC Condenser Unit is Vibrating: When the unit is running, you can visibly see the condenser cabinet vibrating. If it’s visibly shaking, something may be seriously wrong with the compressor, though you will always feel some vibration when you put your hand on the condenser during operation.
2) Humidity in Home Increases: When the humidity in the house starts to rise unexpectedly, it is an early sign of a compressor that’s starting to fail at its job. More moisture will remain in the air with less refrigerant evaporating in the indoor coil.
3) AC Condenser is Emitting Loud Noises: Housed in the outdoor condenser cabinet is the compressor. It could mean the compressor is struggling to start or continue running when you hear noises such as grinding or repeated loud clicking from the condenser. The clicking indicates a dying start or run capacitor, and any grinding can indicate the motor is burning out,
4) Overheating Air Conditioner: When the AC is on, you may notice frequent circuit breaker trips. Overheating and overloading the circuit breaker means the compressor motor.
5) Low, Pool or No Air Flow: A weakening compressor can cause lower airflow coming from the air conditioner.

When Should an AC Compressor & Condenser Be Replaced?

Though still not worth the cost, sometimes repairs can rescue a compressor. Compressors’ lifespan is about15 years, and it will start to fail near the end of the estimated service life. The AC is ready for retirement anyway at this point. Under these circumstances you’ll save money on future repairs and start enjoying higher efficiency by investing in a new air conditioner. If you are unsure, your technician can help you decide if the unit is worth repairing.

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