Signs Commercial Heating Repair is Needed in Anthem, NV; Furnace Blowing Lukewarm Air & More

When you are running a business, having your HVAC system shut down can be a problem most business owners, managers, staff and customers prefer to avoid. Whether if it is a major issue or a minor inconvenience, a broken-down HVAC system can potentially harm the business’s productivity. When you experience problems, you have the experts of Hal Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating to help you make repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Today, however, we would like to share some signs your HVAC system may be on the fritz where you can be proactive in your HVAC system’s repair.

Furnace Blowing Cold or Lukewarm Air, Not Hot

When it comes to a commercial heater there are quite a few symptoms that come up rather subtle. However, when that heater is on, having the cold air coming from these vents is a pretty apparent sign something is wrong. As long as you are certain it is not a thermostat malfunction, there could be several problems including leaky ductwork, fuel combustion problem, or even reduced airflow/loss of pressure that is presenting as lukewarm air.

Increase in Energy Bills

Depending on how high your overhead costs usually run each month, the chances are that any change in your energy bills may go unnoticed. However, comparing costs with energy usage during the same year can help you detect problems early. When you do take the time to compare, any bills that appear higher during the same time of year may indicate a problem. This applies when the weather is consistent and similar to previous years, as the demand in weather can also impact the bill’s discrepancy. Additionally, fewer building occupants and less equipment could both account for more heat usage can also increase the demand as well. Other energy spikes indicate a problem and it commonly reflects that the HVAC system, is not efficiently or effectively operating, and you will need repairs, or possibly replacements.

Odor from Heating Ducts

These smells should never be ignored, as this could point to a number of different problems, depending on the nature of the commercial space. Electrical problems, office equipment overheating, or a problem with the heater can all be the source of the smell. Keep in mind it is common, and normal to smell these odors when the heater is first used. The initial smell when the heater starts up is the dust burning off the heating elements, and the odors pass through your vents. However, once you are comfortably into winter, and a burning odor is detected, there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Call in a professional as soon as possible, even the if smell comes from a different source other than your HVAC system as it can ensure your building’s safety and at the least, eliminate a possibility. Please note that if the smell persists after our inspection and the source remains elusive, we encourage you call your local fire department.

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