R22 Freon Refrigerant Phase Out in Centennial, NV; Should I Replace My R22 Central Air Conditioner Now?

For the past few years R-22 Freon has been slowly phased out and as of 2020, R-22 is no longer in production. One of the major reasons why R-22 Freon is no longer in production is the environmental impact and mainly the damages it does to our ozone. It is important that all business and homeowners are made aware of this major change. Hal Mechanical will share more about this phasing out of R-22 and what it means for you as the homeowner.

Should I Replace My R22 Air Conditioner Now?

With this change, homeowners need not worry about replacing their home HVAC system that runs on R-22. Where R-22 Freon is no longer in production, it will be a dwindling resource and most likely when an air conditioner requires the need to be repaired that was designed to use R-22 Freon, you may find the cost is higher. While most air conditioning systems can go for years without leaking Freon, when a leak does occur and your unit uses R-22 it can cost more to repair. If your central HVAC system is nearing the end of its life, it would definitely make sense to upgrade it to a more energy efficient model.

Importance of HVAC Preventive Maintenance

For homes with HVAC systems that still use R-22 Freon it can become a major expense repairing them. One suggestion for homeowner is to never miss yearly maintenance of the air conditioning system. With proper maintenance the air conditioning unit is less likely to develop a leak as well as avoid expensive repairs. Not only will R-22 be more expensive but so can be replacing or finding parts for these outdated units. This is why for those who own HVAC systems that use R-22 Freon, make sure to start babying your unit now! Another alternative is to replace your home air conditioning system with a new model that uses EPA approved Freon.

Benefits of Replacing Old Air Conditioning Unit

The current condition of your home HVAC system can help determine whether or not you should just invest in a new air conditioner now. For those who have taken great care of the air conditioner unit and it is not over 10 years old, it may be best to simply maintain the unit. However, for older and worn down units, you will be looking into future replacement soon. If an older unit develops a leak, it may be a wiser investment to replace the air conditioning unit instead of paying premium repairs. There are other benefits of replacing an older unit. First, new models run far more efficiently and can help reduce your monthly bills. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about ongoing repairs that an older unit will continue to have. For those who are concerned for their environment and simply feel their older unit served their purpose, you can help the environment by replacing your air conditioner to a more environmentally friendlier cooling system.

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