Benefits of Upgrading to a New High Efficiency Variable Speed Forced Air Furnace in Downtown Las Vegas, NV

When you have an older furnace that seems to have a new problem each year that results in costly repairs, it may be time to replace the furnace. Even though a furnace may be repairable it is not always the most beneficial choice. If you have a furnace that is 15 years old or older, there are plenty of reasons to replace the unit versus repairing it. Hal Mechanical will share some of the benefits of replacing a furnace versus repairing it.

Increased Furnace Efficiency

There are many benefits when replacing an older furnace with a newer one. One is increased energy efficiency. Modern furnaces are simply designed better and run far more efficient than older units. Some newer furnace systems have an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating of 90% or higher. When replacing a furnace it is often recommended installing a programmable thermostat. In combining a new furnace with a programmable thermostat you will find you can save hundreds of dollars annually. With a programmable thermostat you can have the temperature within the home automatically controlled while reducing heating or cooling needs during times when no one is home.

Better Indoor Comfort

Older furnaces tend to be less comfortable as they pour out strong flows of hot air, then quickly shut off. As the home cools down it may become too cold before the furnace kicks back on, once again releasing a rush of very hot air. Modern furnaces have newer features such as variable-speed technology which help with this heating problem. Older furnaces used a fixed-speed technology which in general made it harder for the furnace to maintain a consistent temperature. With a variable-speed system furnace, you can better produce consistent warm air and more effectively ensure the home remains warm and comfortable.

Safety Features of Newer Furnaces

Another major feature of newer furnaces are there safety features. New furnaces are designed to be more hardy and are less prone to develop leaks. Harmful gas leaks often develop due to a cracked heat exchanger. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a major concern, as exposure can lead to serious illness and even death. As the heat exchanger withstands most of the abuse, leaks are unfortunately a common problem. Modern furnace heat exchangers are built more robust and are less likely to develop cracks and gas leaks. When replacing your older furnace, you won’t have to worry as much and will ensure your household safety.

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When an older furnace continues to develop problems each year demanding repairs, the household suffers until the furnace gets repaired. Older furnaces can go out without warning at any time. For homeowners who are tired of an unreliable heating system, by replacing the furnace, you will be provided with peace of mind in knowing you’ll remain warm all winter long. When you are tired of investing in yearly repairs, you may want to consider replacing and upgrading your home’s furnace. An experienced HVAC technician can find a furnace right for you and your home, and have it installed in no time at all. For quality furnace inspection, installation or other HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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