Is it Normal for AC to Struggle in Extreme Heat? How Do I Keep My A/C Working in Sunrise Manor, NV?

Throughout the summer season, Las Vegas and Southern Nevada will experience a number of heatwaves. These all to frequent heatwaves can cause a lot of stress on your air conditioner unit which leads to premature wear and is the cause of many breakdowns. As a homeowner in Southern Nevada, you will want to take every step possible to reduce stress on your air conditioner during the summer and particularly during a heatwave. Hal Mechanical will share a few tips of how to reduce stress on your air conditioning system during a heatwave.

How Can Hot Air Affect Your AC?

It is really important to take care of an air conditioner during the summer and especially during a heatwave. A heatwave makes it hard for the air conditioner to keep the home cool. As the heatwave heats up the home, the air conditioner itself will become hotter and the run longer to keep the inside of the home cool. To reduce the stress, you will want to take steps in keeping your home cooler to help reduce the stress during a heatwave.

Cook Without Heating Your House

One way you can help your air conditioner out during a heatwave is not cooking. Using the stove and oven adds heat inside the home which forces the air conditioner to work a bit harder. During a heatwave, make cold sandwiches or other foods that do not need to be heated up. You can also go out to eat during a heatwave. By not cooking inside the home will help your air conditioner through a stressful period.

Adjust Thermostat Temperature

Only during a major heatwave is it recommended that you set your air conditioner to a higher temperature. As each person has there ideal temperature, during a heatwave you can greatly reduce the stress on your air conditioner by increasing the temperature upward a few degrees. You do not need to go so high that you are completely uncomfortable. However, adjusting the temperature 3 to 5 degrees higher will make a major difference on your air conditioner and reduce the stress.

Block Out the Sun in Extreme Heat

Another step you can take is reducing the amount of sunlight that enters the home. Use blinds and curtains to block out all light from the sun. If possible, install a UV reflective film or tint over your home’s windows to bounce the light and heat away from the home. By keeping the light out of your home, you will help keep the inside cooler naturally.

Use Ceiling Fans

To help keep the inside and you feeling cooler, use fans. Both standing and ceiling fans can help circulate the air and keep the inside cooler. Use fans wherever possible and consider having ceiling fans installed throughout the home to help keep the inside cooler. During a heatwave you will want to do everything you can to help reduce the stress on your air conditioning system.

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Replacing or repairing an air conditioner can be rather expensive. Not to mention the time without air conditioning can be unbearable. To avoid an unexpected breakdown of your air conditioner, reduce the stress. Don’t forget to keep filters changed out and have your unit tuned-up if you haven’t already. For quality HVAC services, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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