How Does a Dirty, Clogged Air Filter Affect Your Air Conditioner, Health & Home in Summerlin, NV?

Do you remember to change out your home’s air filters as often as needed? Most homeowners under estimate how important changing out their air filters are, or the chore is simply forgotten. The air filters play a major role in the cooling and heating system and if not properly maintained, it can cause premature failure of the heating and or cooling system as well as exacerbate allergies, asthma and breathing problems in those susceptible to such issues. Today Hal Mechanical will share how a dirty air filter impacts the HVAC system.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

When air filters are dirty and filled with indoor dirt and debris, they become very compacted. In return, the indoor air will get worse. The air filter helps to clean the indoor air while the air is pulled from inside the home through the air filters and into the heater. When the filters become too dirty, much of the dirt and other particles remain inside the home and begin to affect the indoor air quality. As the indoor air quality worsens, the household can suffer from allergies. Those with asthma can have more frequent attacks, and they will also have major effects on those with respiratory problems.

Can a Dirty Air Filter Cause AC to Leak?

A surprising effect of dirty air filters are water leaks. When a filter is too dirty is can restrict the air flow. This causes the evaporator coils to freeze. As the coils thaw the water can leak inside the home and often on the ceiling. Leaks from frozen evaporator coils are more common during the summer months and from the home’s cooling system. However, frozen coils are a bad sign of future problems with the air conditioner unit.

Shortens Air Conditioner Lifespan

When the air filters are left unchecked, they cause a lot of stress to the heating and or cooling system. One of the first components to wear down is the blower motor. When the air is sucked in from inside the home and the filters are too compacted to allow proper air flow, this forces the blower to work longer and harder. When the air flow is restricted, the rest of the heating and cooling system must work longer to achieve the desired indoor temperature. As a result, this can cause premature wear on the cooling and heating system and their components.

Abnormally High Electricity or Gas Power Bill

Dirty air filters add additional stress and causes prolonged cycles. As a result, the monthly utility bill will increase. When you haven’t adjusted your heating or cooling setting and the weather has been consistent and your bills are going up it is often due to a dirty air filter.

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The air filters are essential to the overall health of your home cooling and heating systems. It is strongly recommended to change air filters once a month, especially here in southern Nevada. Due to our dusty deserts and frequent winds, dust and dirt has a major impact on the HVAC system. To ensure the health of the HVAC system and those inside the home, make sure to check, and if needed, change out your air filters once a month. For quality HVAC services and more, contact Hal Mechanical and schedule our services today!

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