Is it Cheaper to Replace AC During the Fall Off Season in The Lakes, NV? Age of AC Unit, Past Repairs & More

With fall cooling down the outdoor temperatures, you will begin to use your air conditioner less and less. During the past summer season you may have noticed your air conditioning system not working like it used to and you may wonder if you should consider replacing your air conditioner. Now is a great time to replace your home’s cooling unit as you will have a fresh and new unit ready for the next summer season without running into any trouble. However, if you are not sure if your air conditioner needs replacement just yet, Hal Mechanical will share some common signs to better help you know if you should replace your air conditioner.

What is the Age of your Air Conditioner?

One of the major determining factors as to when to replace your air conditioner is often the unit’s age. An older air conditioner unit was designed to give the unit about a ten year lifespan. A more modern unit is able to last between 15 to 20 years. To know if you need to replace your air conditioner unit, you will first want to know its age and design. Additionally, what care was the unit given throughout its life? An air conditioner will last much longer when it is tuned-up every year. With routine tune-ups, a ten year old air conditioner is not even that old and still can keep going. As the homeowner you will need to determine the age and maintenance of the unit. If you are unsure about the unit’s age or condition, you can have an HVAC technician look over the air conditioning system and help give you an answer. One of the biggest determining factors when it comes to the age of the unit is how much longer it is going to last and what is the future cost of repairs. If your future repair costs are going to be a major investment, it is often more wise to put that money into a new unit as repairs will only last for so long.

Frequency of Past Air Conditioning Repairs

Another major consideration is what the repair needs were during this past season, or the year before that. As mentioned, frequent repair is often a sign that an air conditioner unit is reaching the end of its life. Additionally, parts to repair air conditioner units have been in short supply. Many air conditioner repair companies have a number of parts they have requested and have yet to receive them. If your air conditioner is too old, the parts may no longer be in manufacturing. If you need major repairs you may find there are no components which leads you to wonder if your air conditioner will be ready for next summer. If you have had frequent repairs this past season, or need repairs now, you may find it is best to replace your air conditioner unit.

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When you find your energy bill is high, you have a number of repairs, or your air conditioner is simply old, it may be time to replace your unit. If you want your air conditioner evaluated or require HVAC services to replace your air conditioner, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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