What is the Most Efficient Way to Heat a House & Heating Mistakes to Avoid in Sunrise Manor, NV

The temperature dropping and with the nights now ranging in the 40’s and 50’s, you may have already begun using your home’s heating system. Whether you have a forced air furnace, heat pump or boiler, there are certain things you should avoid this winter to prevent an outrageous heating bill. To avoid these costly winter heating mistakes, Hal Mechanical would like to share what not to do this winter season.

What is a Good Temperature for Heat?

When it comes to heating up a home, there is only one speed a heater works at. When you wish that your home will heat up faster, you may decide to crank up the heat in hopes for a faster result. Unfortunately, this is not how your heating system works and in the end, you will just cause the heating system to work longer and harder to reach the new and more demanding temperature. To avoid unnecessary costs, you should be patient and allow the home to heat up at the rate the heat system can properly handle. According to ENERGY STAR, setting your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re home for the ideal balance of comfort and energy efficiency.

Be Sure to Seal Leaks Around Doors & Windows

Air leaks that allow the heat from inside to leak outside, or the cold air from outside the home is sucked in, this adds stress to your heating system. Especially in older homes you should perform fall maintenance where you check your doors and windows for leaks and seek the necessary repairs. Other areas of leaks can also include the air ducts where you may lose out on a lot of your heated air. During the fall it is also a good idea to have the air ducts inspected for leaks and repaired if needed.

What is the Most Efficient Way to Heat a House?

Some people will attempt to save money on their home’s heating needs by using alternative heating sources such as a fireplace or space heaters. You may be surprised to see how you may actually spend more money than you will ever save. Other heating sources are not designed or capable of heating an entire home or even a room. A space heater will need to run constantly just to keep yourself warm. You can actually save money by using both. Use your home heating system with a space heater if needed and you will reduce your power usage.

Should You Close Doors & Vents in Unused Rooms?

Sometimes homeowners will close a door and or the vents in an area that is not used often. This will then push the heat into the area most occupied, right? Well, no this is not how HVAC systems work. The heat is still sent through the air duct system and then will only hit the closed vent. Essentially you are now wasting that heat. You can also more effectively heat up the entire home by having all of the doors open to allow the warm air to circulate throughout the entire home more easily. You can save money and energy heating up your home by keeping all of the doors and air vents open and free of obstructions.

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To avoid an unexpectedly high heating bill, avoid these common heating mistakes. For quality HVAC services contact Hal Mechanical today.

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