HVAC Maintenance with Pets in Henderson, NV; Change Air Filters, Protect AC Unit from Dog Urine & More

There are many responsibilities people have when they own a pet. Most ensure their home is pet-proofed to avoid damage and injury, but most overlook the extra care their HVAC system requires to avoid efficiency and damage. Pet habits, dander, shed fur, and the extra dirt and debris tracked in from pets that impact the HVAC system’s performance. When the furry friends are inside, your HVAC can be affected which is why, we at Hal Mechanical would like to list a few ideas to keep your HVAC system in excellent care while living with the fur-babies.

How Often to Change Air Filter in Home?

It is recommended that filters be cleaned or replaced every 4-8 weeks, depending on your home’s individual circumstances. Those that have indoor pets will have the filters quickly filled with pet dander, fur and other debris. Frequently rinse the reusable filters or have the disposal ones changed often. The efficiency and operation of your HVAC system is impacted significantly when the filters are overburdened with the pet dander and other debris that decreases airflow.

Control Dog Hair in the House

The pet hair does not just collect on the filters, but in the ducts and other HVAC system equipment. Control the never-ending pet fur with daily vacuuming, and if possible, brush your pets outside to prevent the messes.

Why is Grooming Essential for Pets?

Regularly scheduled grooming helps control the natural and healthy process of pet’s shedding. In conjunction with regular grooming, be sure to brush and bathe your pets to remove the bulk of the shedding. Reducing the dander and pet hair can be a great help to the health of your HVAC system.

Book Air Duct Cleaning

The ducts will eventually be layered with pet dander, fur, and other debris over time, and though good cleaning and managing the dander and pet hair prolongs the need, you will want the ducts cleaned periodically. If the airflow in the ducts are constricted, the HVAC system’s efficiency drops, and the air ducts cleaning contributes to indoor air quality and keeping the home fresh.

Keep Dog Urine Away from Air Conditioner

The potty training phase can be difficult to protect the HVAC system from urine, but adult males can be prone to mark their territory even after they have been neutered. Urination on the HVAC unit or equipment can pose a serious risk, no matter if they pee inside or out. If the outdoor unit is consistently being assaulted as the designated bathroom, it should be protected by a barrier.

Adjust Thermostat

People tend to have their homes set in the high 60s or low 70s and pets are usually more comfortable at different temperatures. During the winter months, keep the temperatures in the mid60s, and in summer, set the temperature in the mid-70s while you are away. This will make the home more comfortable for pets as well as decrease the energy usage and costs.

Protect Air Conditioning Unit from Dog

It is best to keep the outdoor unit fenced off regardless if your pet does not continually pee on it, especially if pets have unsupervised access to the backyard and the outdoor unit is in the general area. Keeping it the unit away from the pets can prevent damage as well as injury.

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