Energy Efficiency Myths in Green Valley Ranch, NV; Importance of Proper HVAC Installation, Not Closing Vents & More

Today’s rising energy costs have homeowners searching for ways to save money on cooling and heating costs. You will hear many ways to do it, but do they really work? We try our hardest, but some of these tips can actually cost you money! Hal Mechanical busts some common energy saving myths to help set the record straight!

Common Energy Conservation Myths

Myth #1. You will automatically save money by having an “energy-efficient” air conditioner or furnace. While they can definitely pay for themselves in the long run, they will only do so if they have been installed the right way. They need to be installed by professionals and they also need to be the right size to run as efficiently as possible.
Myth #2. You will save money on heating by using a space heater. The best way to save money on heating your home is to use a gas furnace or heat pump that can heat the entire home. Space heaters are not only inefficient but underpowered when it comes to the amount of electricity they consume. They are nice to have in an area of the home that doesn’t seem to get warm enough but will not lower your heating bills.
Myth #3. You can save money by closing vents in rooms that aren’t used. Your power bills will not come down by doing this. The only thing that will happen is that the system will need to redirect air to other vents and can overwork the system. Plus, any weak points or leaks in the ductwork will get worse. The smartest thing you can do is keep all the vents open to increase efficiency.
Myth #4. Your appliances aren’t using electricity when they’re turned off. From computers to TVs to toasters, they will all draw power when they are plugged in-even if they aren’t on. You can avoid having to unplug them constantly by using power strips for appliances you use frequently. That way you can turn them off using the switch on the power strip.
Myth #5. You can increase efficiency by sealing leaks with duct tape. Using duct tape to seal leaks is not what it’s designed to do even though it’s called “duct tape”. Duct tape breaks down quickly when it’s used on areas that are warm and dusty- like ductwork. Use mastic or metal tape for the purpose of sealing leaks or holes.
Myth #6. You will save energy by reducing the heat when you’re away from home. There are some different opinions on this one. It is best to turn your heat off when you’ll be away for extended periods of time, but some experts will argue that turning it off will cause condensation to collect in the walls. This can allow heat to escape through the walls because damp material is a better conductor than dry. This answer will depend on the climate and humidity where you live, the material your home is made of and the thickness of your walls. This test may need to be tested in your home.

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These are just some energy efficiency myths. Do you have questions about saving energy in your home? Give Hal Mechanical a call answer any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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