How to Determine Age of Furnace in Henderson, NV; Look for Label, Find Owner’s Manual & More

If you are struggling with a furnace that isn’t working as well as it once did, you will need to know how old it is as you weigh the pros and cons of repair vs replacement. The age of your furnace is one of the biggest factors that plays a role in when you should replace your current furnace. If you aren’t the original owner of your home, you may not know how old the furnace is though. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about some of the ways you can find this information out.

Look for a Furnace Label

When you are trying to figure out your furnace’s age, the first place you should look is the label found on the furnace. Recently, furnace manufacturers have made a conscious effort to make their labels easier to read. If you have a furnace that is older, you may have to look at other options to figure out the age of yours.

Find the Furnace Owner’s Manual

If you weren’t able to decipher the label found on the furnace, you can also turn to the owner’s manual in hopes for help. Some owner’s manuals will have an area where service appointments were logged. If you look at that section, it may have the information you need. Some owner’s manuals have documentation in the front of the manual that have information that includes the manufacturer date.

Look Inside Furnace

When you strike out on the first two options, it may be time to turn the furnace off to look into it further. Make sure the furnace is completely shut down before looking at the inside of the furnace for dates. Once you have turned it off, you can take off the panel that allows you to take a peek at the inner workings of your furnace. Sometimes the inner paneling has information that can be helpful.

Furnace Stamps & Imprints Can Be Helpful

There are some parts on the inside of your furnace that could have important information stamped or imprinted on them. Some of them include parts like the fan blades, blower compartment, access panel, gas valve, electric relay and more.

Searching the Furnace Serial Number

If you have found the serial number, it can usually help you in determining the age of your furnace. You can do a search of the serial number as this mixture of numbers and letters is a code that can be extremely helpful in finding out the information that you need.

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