How Do I Keep My House Warm when the Furnace Breaks & I Wait for Emergency Heater Repairs in Inspirada, NV

It gets fairly cold in Las Vegas, though not as cold as some other places in the country. To get you through the winter, you need a fully functional and efficiently operating furnace. If you invest in annual maintenance, this is a lot more likely. In order to help you avoid sudden and unexpected repair needs, routine preventative maintenance allows our technicians to fully inspect, clean, and adjust components that need. Unfortunately, furnaces can break down between tune-ups or it can have a problem that interrupts furnace operation. This can be a frustrating problem to have and can’t be fixed in seconds. Today, we at Hal Mechanical would like to share some tips to keep warm until the experts arrive to revive the furnace.

What to Do if Furnace Stops Working in Winter?

Ensure Windows and Doors are Completely Closed. In addition to your front door or living room windows, make sure your bedroom doors and windows are shut too, along with every other door and window in the home. Doing so will help each individual room retain the warmth it had for as long as possible. As that room will be the warmest during the day thanks to the sun, this is especially helpful if you have south-facing windows in a room.
Wear Layers. Skinny jeans does not help your body retain heat. You are not going to get a whole lot of warmth for them unless they are fleece. It is a good idea to do multiple layers when you are really cold and want to retain body heat. If you have leggings or thermal underwear, put them on first, then sweatpants. Wear long sleeve shirts, and either a hoodie or lightweight jacket. Scarves and hats can also help.
Cook Hearty Meals. Never turn on your oven or stove as your primary heat source, it is never recommended for safety reasons. It definitely does boost the heat in your home when you cook, however. Either cook hardy meals or even baking can help add some warmth to your home. As you warm yourself and your family up, you can enjoy some needed comfort food at the same time.
Take Advantage of the Blinds and Curtains. open the blinds and curtains to the windows where the sun is shining through during the warmest part of the day, if the sun is shining outside. close those blinds and curtains back up soon as the radiant heat from the sun is gone, otherwise you will lose heat from the home.
Keep Active. When it’s chilly, sitting in one spot in your home will only make you feel cold. Even if it’s taking laundry upstairs one piece at a time or having a dance party in the living room with your kids, you want to keep active.
Get Laundry Done. With the dryer running, you can produce more heat. There is nothing warmer than putting warm clothes straight from the dryer.

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