How Long is Considered Short Cycling in Spring Valley, NV? What Causes an AC to Short Cycle & How to Fix

Though it is seemingly nice, the local Las Vegans, especially the seasoned resident, has gotten to experience semi-decent temperature so far, but we will soon be deep in summer where the hot air controls the valley. Homeowners are cranking on the air conditioners to survive the 100-degree weather, as a result. Noticing any short comings should solicit a call to a professional to minimize the deterioration and ensure the unit will last all summer as far as the air conditioner is concerned. To help you better understand short cycling, we at Hal Mechanical would like to discuss the basics of short cycling.

What is AC Short Cycling?

When air conditioner switches on and only for a short time frame (much less than the usual 10 minutes) runs to the flip off, and then starts the whole process over again shortly thereafter is the anomaly known as short cycling. Unfortunately, there are a few people often ignore the problem, not realizing the extent of the issue, and there are those do not even recognize the short cycling when it happens. A problem that takes a trained expert to identify and execute appropriate solutions are indicated usually by short cycling. In addition to the AC enduring excessive wear, short cycling increases energy bills.

What Causes HVAC Short Cycling?

Due to the listed events below, short cycling can occur with the air conditioner.
1) A frozen layer over the evaporator coils is obvious.
2) The air filters maintenance is long overdue.
3) The home’s air conditioner is oversized.
4) There is low refrigerant in the AC.
5) In the A/C unit, the electrical system is faulty.

How to Fix a Short Cycling Air Conditioner

Be sure to execute the steps below If you suspect short cycling.
1) Air Filter Maintenance. The simplest, yet most often overlooked maintenance for your HVAC system are the air filters. Depending on your specific circumstances, homeowners should change the air filter every 4-12 weeks. By checking them in 4 weeks from a fresh filter and every week inspect them until they are filled to capacity, you can find the right pattern for your air filters. In order to confirm the weeks your unit’s filter need to be cleaned or replaced, note the weeks and do this a few times in a row. When there are several people living in the home, those with indoor pets, smokers, climate, and those who are sensitive to allergies and asthma attacks, people can expect to change the filters more frequently. On the type of filter, make certain to follow manufacturers’ directions. Basically, disposable filters should be replaced, and reusable filters can be cleaned. Always check the air filters first when you notice the air conditioner short cycling.
2) Reach Out to a Licensed HVAC Contractor. Ultimately, any other reasons the short cycling is occurring needs to be diagnosed and remedied by a certified expert. A professional is required to rectify if there is low refrigerant, oversized units, poor electrical systems, and/or frozen coils. Be sure to immediately switch off the cooling system from the thermostat before you call the pros to avoid further damage if you notice that the coils are frozen. To determine the steps in maximizing the performance, the technician will run diagnostics, test the system, and inspect the unit.

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