How Can I Make My Air Flow Better in a Room in Summerlin, NV? Fix AC Mechanical Problems & More

Do you have some areas or rooms in your home that are too hot or too cold? When the air in your home distributes unevenly, you have an air balance problem. Air imbalance can affect the home in different ways. First the home will never feel comfortable as you will always have hot or cold spots and never have even temperatures. Another problem is the stress and additional cost that air imbalance can cause. Often the air conditioner or heating system will work harder to try to balance out the temperature in the home. Longer and more frequent HVAC cycles will only wear down your HVAC system and cause a higher utility bill. For these reasons, it is important to correct and get to the heart of your home’s air balance problem. Hal Mechanical will share a few reasons why a home will suffer from air imbalance.

Air Ducts Leaks

If you have areas of the home that are not cooling or heating up you may have a possible air duct leak. Air ducts can develop a leak which will reduce the amount of air that will flow through that section of your air ducts. That will explain the cause of the hot or cold spots. The air duct system will need to be inspected and there are leaks, they will need repair.

Closed Air Vents

Some homeowners may not realize that the air vents to those hot or cold areas in the home are closed. For perfect air balance, you need to have all of the air vents open. Not only will you have better air balance, but it is much healthier for your heating and cooling system to have all of the air vents open.

Oversized HVAC System

When you have an air conditioning system that is too big for your home, you will have short cycling problems which will cause a temperature imbalance in your home. It is very important to get a properly sized air conditioning and heating system in your home. It is a common misconception that an oversized air conditioning system is better and will save you money. This is not true and it will cost even more money in the end. Never install an oversized HVAC system or hot and cold spots will be the least of your problems.

Poorly Designed Ductwork

Some homes may have a poorly designed ductwork system. The air ducts shouldn’t have tight turns or the air flow will be slowed down and restricted. When an air duct system has tight turns or angles they are often the cause of hot and cold spots or temperature imbalance. The air duct system may need to be redesigned to improve temperature air balance.

AC Mechanical Problems

In some cases the air conditioning system may have developed a mechanical problem such as with the temperature sensors, blower motor, or the thermostats may be faulty. To determine why your air conditioner isn’t producing enough air to create an even balance, an HVAC technician will need to inspect and locate the problem.

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