How Do You Light a Pilot Light on a Furnace in Seven Hills, NV? You Can Relight Heater By Yourself!

Home residents can be left with no heat when the thermostat is turned up since sometimes even the slightest wind can cause the pilot light to go out. Learning how to light a furnace pilot light is a simple matter, fortunately. When it comes to lighting the furnace’s pilot, knowing how to relight it can save you the trouble of calling in a professional and get your home comfortable faster. With this in mind, we at Hal Mechanical would like to take the opportunity to share how to relight your furnace’s pilot light.

Steps to Light a Furnace Pilot Light

The basic steps for re-lighting the pilot light of a gas furnace is explained below to help make the process as simple as possible.
1) Begin by Locating the Instructions Label on Your Furnace. To tell you how to light your specific furnace, every furnace has a label on it. Unfortunately, the printing may be small, or sometimes the furnace area may be dark, making the label difficult to read. It may be difficult to read the label in other cases as well. To make the task much more manageable, keep the following instructions near your furnace or in another safe spot where they can be located easily.
2) The Next Step is to Find the Pilot Light and Components. A switch that usually says “Pilot,” “On” and “Off” is near the bottom of your furnace. Turn it to the “Off” position when you find this switch, then wait at least 5 minutes. Because it gives some time to the gas to dissipate, this is important.
To avoid the possibility of starting a fire, this step is crucial. It should be near the dial that you just turned to “Off,” so while you are waiting, take note of the reset button’s location.
3) Re-Lighting the Pilot Light is the Final Step. Turn the knob to “Pilot” once the gas dissipates. Bringing the flame of a long lighter close to the pilot light opening, hold down the “Reset” button then. Doing this should light the furnace pilot light. Release your pressure on the reset button after you are sure that the pilot light is on. This is a useful skill you want to have in case it is required, though lighting the gas furnace pilot light is not needed very often. You should have no problem, and your room will be warm and cozy, as long as you keep on following the steps on how to light a furnace. long as you keep on following the steps on how to light a furnace

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If you find that you cannot relight the pilot light, there may be a deeper issue. If you are having trouble with your furnace in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas, call in the professionals of Hal Mechanical and let our certified technicians assist you. In addition to repairs, we provide a number of services including installation, replacements, and maintenance services for both your heating and air conditioning systems in your home and business. Contact us today!

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