How Do I Know if My Furnace Burner is Bad in Rhodes Ranch, NV? Why Heating Maintenance is Important!

A furnace uses a number of components that work together to keep a home or other buildings warm during the cold winter season. When one component fails or is faulty, the heating system will not be able to produce the needed warmth. One component that is required to create heat is the furnace’s burners. When the burners fail or are faulty in some way, the furnace will not even begin to run a cycle. Hal Mechanical would like to share the affects of faulty burners to better identify this problem.

How Does a Furnace Burner Work?

It is not uncommon for the burners to need repairs. The furnace is a unit that uses a mixture of air and fuel that is burned to create heat. The burner is essential to the heating process. When the burners develop a problem, that makes the burners faulty. When the burners develop a problem, it will affect the entire furnace. Some of the common problems that can develop are when the burner becomes dirty and develops rust flakes. Burners can also lose connection to the gas line or the valve can develop a problem as well. Each problem will have a certain affect. Often you can know the problem simply by troubleshooting your furnace’s behavior.

Furnace Gas Flow Problems

When your furnace shuts off, fails to start up, and is not releasing the natural gas from the combustion chamber, this is a common behavior of a gas flow problem. As many furnaces use gas to fuel the burners, the gas line may be the problem and not the burners themselves. You will need to inspect the furnace gas supply line. See if it has gotten turned off or if the gas hose is bent. The worst case is that the gas line is leaking, which in that case you will be able to smell the gas. If you were able to determine there is a problem with the gas line, seek immediate repairs. If the problem from the gas line poses a hazard, be sure to turn off the gas line.

Dirty Furnace Burners

If your furnace is running but not creating enough heat to keep your home warm, this is often a sign that your burners are dirty. When the burners are dirty, either covered in dust or rust, it cannot produce enough heat for the fan to start up. When enough heat is created, the fan is triggered which then circulates the heat throughout the building. The burners will need to be cleaned. If rust has begun eating up the burners, it may be time to replace the burners. Another sign of dirty burners is when you hear a popping or rumbling sound when the furnace starts up.

It is Important to Maintain Your Furnace

When the burners develop some of these common problems, you will want to have it looked at and repaired by a licensed technician. However, most problems that can develop with the burners can be prevented with annual maintenance. During routine maintenance, or also known as tune-ups, the burners are checked and cleaned. It rust or a fuel supply problem is detected it can be corrected before heat issues develop.

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