How Do I Protect My Air Conditioner from My Dog in Winchester, NV? Change Filters, Cover Unit & More

As much as we love the pets that fill our lives with so much love, they can wreak havoc on our HVAC systems if we are doing our part to keep their pet dander out of the system. There are several small things that homeowners can do to ensure their HVAC system isn’t affected by the pets that enrich their lives. Hal Mechanical is here to share our best tips for homeowners with pets to protect their HVAC system.

How Do I Maintain My HVAC with Dogs in the Home?

Protecting your HVAC system from your pets doesn’t have to be a complex issue. There are many simple ways that can have a big impact on your HVAC system. Here are our suggestions:
– Change Air Filter: While this should be done regardless of whether or not you have pets in your home, homes with pets will need to change their filters more often than homes that have no pets in them. Your filter will do wonders to trap pet dander in the air and keep it out of your AC system.
– Protect Your Outdoor Unit: If you have dogs, you need to make sure they don’t have any access to your outdoor unit. Dogs can cause big problems when they scratch or bite at the unit, leading to costly repairs. Also, dogs have a tendency to urinate occasionally on the unit which can be extremely problematic. Make sure you have taken measures to keep them away from it.
– Groom Pets: Not only will regular grooming help improve the appearance of your pet, but you will also see that the amount of dander in your home will decrease as well. This can keep dander out of your HVAC system as well.
– Dust & Clean House: Staying on top of a regular cleaning schedule is essential to keeping your HVAC system protected against the effects of pet dander. You need to be vacuuming, sweeping and dusting on a regular basis to stay on top of things. Vacuuming as much surface of your home as possible will do wonders in controlling pet dander. During your dusting, don’t forget the ceiling fan blades so that dust and dander doesn’t disperse the first time you turn on your ceiling fan.
– HVAC Maintenance: When you have pets in your home, it is incredibly important that you don’t skip routine maintenance on your units. Not only will a thorough inspection of your system and all its working parts will happen during a maintenance appointment, but the entire system will also be thoroughly cleaned as well. The cleaning is extremely important for homes that have pets.

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