What Happens when Evaporator Coils are Dirty in Whitney, NV? AC Unit Won’t Turn On & More

The air conditioner’s evaporator coils are an essential component to the cooling process. When there is a problem with the coils the entire cooling system can fail. It is rare for the evaporator coils to get damaged. However they frequently get dirty. Dirty evaporator coils have a major impact on the air conditioner and the cooling process. Hal Mechanical would like to share the common symptoms of dirty evaporator coils and why it is important to keep them clean.

What are Evaporator Coils Used For?

The evaporator coils are essential to the cooling process as they remove all of the heat out of the air. It does this by converting the refrigerant to a low pressure gas. The refrigerant carries the cold compressed gas through its copper tubes and coils which is housed in the air handler. When the coils become dirty the air cannot flow through the evaporator coils and begin the cooling process. The evaporator coil sucks the warm air within the home and cools it down. When the air is being sucked up and through the return vents, dirt, hair and other contaminates will attach to the coils and will slowly build up over time.

Dirty Evaporator Coil Symptoms

When the evaporator coils become dirty, the air conditioning system can become stressed and a number of different problems will develop. If the evaporator coils are left neglected, once they become dirty, the cooling system will fail. To prevent major damages to the air conditioning system and to maintain a more efficient cooling system, it is important to identify symptoms of dirty evaporator coils. They are as follows:
• Hot air blowing from the air vents.
• Air conditioner switches off before the home is cooled down.
• Air conditioner fails to start up.
• Coils inside and outside will ice up.
• Air conditioner will make a banging or hissing noise.

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If you notice any of these reactions from your air conditioning system, in most cases the evaporator coils are dirty. When the coils become dirty they need to be cleaned. Cleaning the evaporator coils should be done by the professionals. The thin metal fins can be damaged during cleaning. A professional HVAC technician will know how to clean the coils without damaging them. At the same time they can inspect for other problems with the coils. Evaporator coils have a copper tube system which can develop a leak and release the refrigerant. Often lack of refrigerant can have similar symptoms. If the evaporator coils are damaged and not so much dirty, they will need to be replaced. To ensure the health of your air conditioning system make sure to have regular tune-ups to prevent dirty coils. It is recommended to have the air conditioning system tuned-up once a year to ensure the coils are clean and the HVAC system is running healthy. You can prevent most mid-season break downs simply with proper maintenance. If you need an air conditioning tune-up, or you are having HVAC trouble and need help, contact Hal Mechanical today.

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