Why is My Heat Not Kicking On in Las Vegas, NV? What to Check if Heating System is Not Working

Is your furnace not making heat? A furnace should be able to heat and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the entire home or building. When the furnace is not making the needed heat, a number of problems may have occurred. Hal Mechanical will help troubleshoot a furnace that fails to make heat and its solution.

Adjust Thermostat as Needed

A furnace is designed to make heat and then distribute the warm air throughout the entire home and building. When it is cold outside, it will not take long before the home will feel like an ice box. When your home is cold, your furnace is not making the needed heat. To determine why the furnace in not making heat, you will want to first check the thermostat and make sure the setting is on “auto” and not fan. The fan will keep the blower on even when the furnace is not running a cycle. Before assuming the worst, it is good to start simple. If the thermostat settings are correct then you will want to move on to the furnace’s filter.

Clean or Change Dirty Furnace Filter

The furnace has its own filter, so do not get confused with the air filters that fit inside the intake vents. The furnace has its own filter that sits inside the furnace. Each furnace model will vary where the filter is located. You will need to know your type of furnace and where the filter is located. Once you find the filter, check it and change it if it is dirty. With proper air flow the furnace will be able to produce and circulate heat into the home. However, also check your intake air filter as well and make sure they are clean as they too can affect the furnace’s performance.

How Do I Know if My Furnace Ignitor is Bad?

After eliminating some of the more basic problems, the next step is to check the furnace starting system. You will want to check to see if the furnace ignition system is producing a flame. If there is no flame, that means the furnace will not be able to create heat. If there is no flame this may be due to an interruption in the fuel line. The pilot light or igniter may also be having a problem. They may need to be cleaned or replaced. If you have a gas or an electronic furnace, the start systems are different, but both can develop problems with the starting system. If you are not confidant troubleshooting your furnace ignition or starting system, contact an HVAC service to inspected your furnace.

Can a Cracked Heat Exchanger Be Repaired?

Lastly, you may have a cracked heat exchanger. When there is a cracked heat exchanger, the furnace loses its heat performance. This means your furnace may be making some heat but not enough to make the home feel comfortable. Not only will a cracked heat exchange handicap your heating system, but it is also dangerous. A cracked heat exchanger can release harmful toxins in the air and lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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If your furnace is not making heat and you cannot determine the cause, contact Hal Mechanical and schedule our services today.

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