Why is My A/C Making a Loud Buzzing Noise? What Does a Bad AC Compressor Sound Like in Paradise, NV?

When you hear noises coming from your air conditioner that are clearly not normal, this is often a sign that your air conditioner is developing a problem. Depending on the type of noise you hear coming from your air conditioner, it can point to certain problems. As the noise can vary, the different noises often can help determine what going is on with your air conditioner. To better understand what the strange noise could mean for your air conditioner, Hal Mechanical will share some of the different noises that can occur in an air conditioner and what the noise could mean.

Why Does My AC Make a High Pitched Squealing Noise?

Do you hear a squealing noise that sounds like it is coming from the home’s indoor cooling unit? Noise from the indoor unit may be the blower motor. At times the blower motor’s belt will become loose or become misaligned and need to be repaired or replaced. The belt is most often affected during periods of high humidity. The squealing can also be the sound of the blower motor overheating. If you hear a loud squealing noise, turn of your air conditioner unit until it can be looked at by an HVAC professional.

Why is My AC Making a Screaming or Hissing Sound?

If you hear a high pitched scream or a hissing noise coming from the outdoor unit, this is a sign that the compressor has very high pressure built up. Sometimes when the compressor develops high pressure, the air conditioner unit may shut off or develop short cycling problems. If the compressor has high pressure that has built up, turn off the air conditioner unit and have a professional look at your outdoor unit. They will need to determine the cause for the increasing pressure, correct the problem and restore the proper pressure settings.

AC is Making a Loud Banging or Clanking Noise

Do you hear a loud clanking or banging noise coming from the outdoor unit? Sometimes debris will get inside the cabinet and bounce around inside the unit. The debris will bounce around and hit the sides when the fan within the condenser unit is on. You will want to clean out the debris and make sure that other parts within the unit didn’t come loose or have broken off. If you do not feel comfortable switching off the unit and opening up the cabinet, you can always seek out a professional HVAC service to make sure the unit is running properly and the banging wasn’t just debris.

How Do I Stop My AC from Screeching?

If you hear a loud screeching noise when your air conditioner starts up a cooling cycle, this is most likely the fan’s motor. The fan’s motor bearing can wear out which will sound like metal screeching against metal. To prevent further damages to your air conditioner unit, turn it off until the fan’s motor can be inspected repaired or replaced.

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Noises that come from your air conditioner often point to a problem that requires professional repairs. If you have strange noise coming from your air conditioner that need inspection and or repair, contact Hal Mechanical and schedule our services today.

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