Why is it Important Not to Mix Different Refrigerants in Eldorado, NV? Reduced AC System Life, Overheating & More

As many know, the R-22 refrigerant that has been used in the past to keep our homes cool, has now been phased out because it isn’t safe for our environment. Because many older units have R-22 refrigerant in them to keep homes cool, when you run into leaks or other issues that leave you with low refrigerant levels, it can put you between a rock and a hard spot to when it comes to repairing it. Hal Mechanical is here to talk about how to deal with refrigerant leaks since R-22 refrigerant has been phased out.

What Happens if You Mix R22 and R410A or Other Refrigerant?

When you have a unit that is charged with R-22 refrigerant and are topped off with a different type of refrigerant upon springing a leak, it can interrupt the normal operation of your entire cooling system. The operating pressure and temperature changes, and not in a good way either. There is a refrigerant pressure-temperature chart that helps optimize a charge. When you mix two refrigerants, there is no chart to refer to and it can lead to big problems. Some of the issues that are caused by this include:
– Loss of efficiency
– Metering device malfunction
– Loss of proper oil return to compressor
– Reduced cooling
– Ineffective compressor cooling
– Damage to the compressor
– Negative impact on the environment

Is it Illegal to Mix Refrigerants?

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) found that R-22 has an incredibly negative impact on the ozone layer. This is what has led to the phasing out of R-22. While the EPA isn’t going to come after you for mixing refrigerants, it is illegal to mix two refrigerants together. It is horrible on the environment and can have incredibly negative effects on your unit. Mixing two together simply doesn’t make any sense. Because R-22 has been phased out, to get your hands on it now is considerably more expensive. This can lead cooling contractors to “top off” a homeowner’s system without them realizing it. There are other contractors that may not realize what negative impact this can have on your system and the environment and simply aren’t informed.

What Refrigerant Can Replace R22?

If you have a system that hasn’t reached the end of its lifespan but are experiencing a refrigerant leak, there is a way to get your cooling system on track and that is with replacement refrigerants. These replacement refrigerants can be used but shouldn’t be mixed with the old. The system needs to have no trace of the old refrigerant in it before putting the replacement refrigerant in there to avoid problems.

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